Portland Real Estate Investment Webinar Reveals “Secrets” to Six-Figure Deals

Portland real estate investment entrepreneur John Sheldon hosts a free webinar examining one of his recent transactions that generated over $100,000 in profits, as well as exploring his 12 step real estate investing model.

Financially independent, local real estate investor John Sheldon will be presenting a free webinar examining one of his recent six-figure-profit real estate transactions as a case study, and sharing his own 12 step model for real estate investing success on Wednesday, September 4th.

With hundreds of real estate transactions under his belt, thousands more analyzed, and over a 98% success rate in generating profits in deals he has done on his own and with partners, Sheldon finds many investors are interested in what he has to share.

“There are so many ‘gurus’ in real estate investing that come to town and share their ideas about how to invest in real estate. Some of these guys really are successful, and a lot of them have their hearts in the right place, but whether they’re true-blue or scam artists, the fact remains that a lot of what they teach won’t work well or at all out here,” emphasizes Sheldon.

Many of Sheldon’s popular webinar series “Listen, Learn & Earn” don’t ever make an offer of any kind, as opposed to some visiting real estate scams, such as national guru Dean Graziosi, who was given an F rating by the Better Business Bureau last year for high-pressure tactics and marketing promises he failed to keep in his seminars. In webinars where Sheldon does make an offer for paid training or mentoring, his attendees have provided testimonials saying the free content shared in the webinar alone exceeds that of many paid seminars.

In this upcoming webinar “Secrets of a Six-Figure Deal: Real Case Study in the 12 Step REI Model,” on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 from 7pm to 9pm, Sheldon will be covering numerous topics such as details of the transaction; his 12-step model for Portland real estate investing success; and the two methods of marketing he considers absolutely necessary.

Readers interested in registering for the free webinar or getting more details may visit http://howtoinvestpdx.com/signup.

John Sheldon is founder and owner of “How to Invest in Real Estate Portland,” a free Portland real estate investment group with the stated purpose of “educating local investors, partnering for success of buyers and sellers, and keeping Portland great.” Visit the site for more information and free training resources on Portland real estate investing.

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