Portland Dentist Office Shares Benefits of 3-D Scanning Technology

Uptown Family Dental upgrades diagnostic and treatment services with 3-D scanning

Breakthroughs in dental technology are continuing to progress year after year. One of these latest breakthroughs however have been a real game changer in being able to see and work with teeth in a more detailed manner. Jaw alignment, nerves, and spaces between teeth have more exact measurements, leading to deeper understanding and treatment solutions. Our team strives to stay updated and work with the best commercial products on the market so we can pass along the top-notch care to our patients. After all, the dentist is often recognized as an undesirable experience, and we work hard to make sure we do all we can to use the best techniques to make going to the dentist a better time.

When you think of 3-D technology, most often what comes to mind is 3-D printing and all the cool projects coming out like on-demand cookie cutters or little Minecraft widgets. The wonders of 3-D technology have also made considerable breakthroughs in the dental area as well. One of the top products we use includes the 3M True Definition scanner. This in-depth scanner comes with a display and equipment on a tablet that allows dentists and other staff alike to move more freely in their space, work more closely with scanners, giving our practice a big hand in providing high definition visibility.

For patients, this means improved diagnostics and understanding of oral health. Our staff will use a small, lightweight wand to take a look at our patients. It is a painless evaluation, and everyone stands to benefit from this technology and scanning apparatus. The True Definition scanner is also faster compared to older techniques for creating impressions. This leaves patients with less time in the dentist chair and more time to get back to your regular day, while simultaneously allowing our team to do a better job. We think that s a pretty great win-win for your Portland dentist.

Next time you come to our office, we hope you get the chance to see the advancements in care and continuous learning we take pride in. Improvements like these can help patients with different needs, from different ages get better dental care we believe our patients deserve. Getting better visibility for details and positioning of teeth leads to better diagnosis, which leads to better care. In the long run, this means healthier teeth that can last decades! Remember, you ll want to use your teeth down the road.

Keep these advancements and techniques in mind when making choices for your dental needs. Our Portland dentist office is ready to take on anything from a routine checkup to more gruff treatments with our continuous experience.

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