Portable Military Showering Systems Now Available to General Public

Five portable showering systems originally designed for military use are now available for sale to the general public online. Now caregivers are able to bring a shower stall to those confined to wheelchairs.

All of the lightweight shower stall units are shipped completely assembled, can be used with warm water from any source (including a solar water bag) and come with a 10-year warranty on the frame. The key to the system is a self-contained wastewater removal pump that works with a simple 110v. GFI outlet, and can contain any potentially contaminated water by pumping it directly into a hazardous materials bladder, or directly down a drain if no hazardous contaminants are involved.

“These shower stalls are a God-send for caregivers,” said Steve Laurvick of AME LLC who distributes the shower stall systems.

As the owner of an online medical equipment and supply business, Laurvick says he seeks out unique solutions for the handicapped, disabled and those who care for them. “Finally there's a durable, easy to set up and break down bathing solution,” Laurvick said.

Four models are in use by the Military to address various needs of injured soldiers including handling unconscious patients, such as soldiers coming into field medical facilities, who can be washed off in the AMER3000 recliner (which is long enough to handle patients on a gurney or in a reclining wheelchair) prior to receiving medical care, since that model can be used with either a reclining wheelchair or a standard gurney.

All of these models plus a new shower stall to accommodate bariatric wheelchairs are available for sale now to the general public. Specifications are available at www.WheelchairShower.com.  They can be ordered on the site or by calling toll-free (888) 787-6554.

“All too often bathing and showering become a luxury for the handicapped,” said Laurvick, “bathroom remodels to accommodate those confined to a wheelchair cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is an affordable solution that allows the shower to come to the wheelchair instead of the other way around. Our showering systems are FDA approved, made entirely in the USA, and are in use all over the world by the US Military.”

This portable wheelchair showering system was invented out of necessity by Judith Seidmeyer, a registered Pharmacist.  Laurvick said she invented the shower stall system for her husband Steve Seidmeyer, a disabled veteran, because “other bathing solutions fell far short of providing proper hygienic care, were too expensive, or just simply were poorly constructed.”

Laurvick also said a tall shower stall model used for field use by able-bodied soldiers, that can be set up in less than one minute, and that can afford full privacy and safety to individual soldiers of either sex while in field conditions is also available. 

“And, because this tall model is available with heavyweight vinyl Haz-Mat curtains as an option, these units can provide for privacy and containment in non-military situations as well,” he said.

Both Fire Department Haz-Mat units and the military will find these showers very valuable in any decontamination situation. And they store easily when not in use. By folding to less than 8 inches in depth, large numbers of showers can be stored for use in a small space, and even standard fire trucks can easily carry units on board.

Large-scale emergencies and evacuations can also be assisted by the portable showers.

More About AME LLC

Founded in 2002, AME LLC (AKA Affordable Medical Equipment) has helped the handicapped, disabled and those who care for them with finding unique products that solve every day problems.  (Examples:  iWalk2.0 Hands Free Crutch, The Neckpro, Bedsore Solutions.) The company's mission statement is "Over 15 years experience in the medical equipment and supply business and we strive to make life better for the handicapped the disabled and those who care for them.". To learn more about AME LLC, you should call (619) 462-4290 or visit them online at https://www.EnableMobility.com.

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