Popular Amazon FBA Blog Discusses the Basics of Selling on Amazon

The "Lunch With Norm" blog has recently published a new post sharing the basic selling techniques on Amazon. Written by Norman Farrar, the article offers inputs from Amazon FBA specialists Kevin King, Tim Jordan, and Dima Kubrak.

The “Lunch With Norm” blog continues to publish insightful posts to help Amazon sellers prosper on the world’s most trusted online marketplace. In a recently published article, the blog’s founder, Norman Farrar, shares the basic principles of selling on Amazon. Farrar covers topics such as what is Amazon FBA, how it works, starting an Amazon FBA business, startup costs for an Amazon business, and creating a solid brand.

The article is available at https://lunchwithnorm.com/2021/06/30/sell-amazon/.

The blog post provides important suggestions from noted Amazon FBA experts, such as Kevin King, Tim Jordan, and Dima Kubrak. It defines Amazon FBA as “a service offered by Amazon that enables third-party businesses to automate their order fulfillment and delivery processes.” By registering for this service, Amazon sellers can delegate shipping, returns and refunds, product warehousing, selecting and packaging, and several other tasks to Amazon. They can also make use of Amazon’s resources and capabilities, such as Amazon Marketing Services.

According to the blog post, it takes considerable time, effort, and attention to build a thriving private label brand on Amazon. To help sellers with branding, the article also discusses the techniques of creating attention-grabbing brand names, developing brand design, and creating a seller account.

Norman Farrar is an eminent entrepreneur, thought leader, public speaker and mentor. He also hosts the popular “Lunch With Norm” podcast, a tri-weekly show where the most successful online business experts are invited to share their valuable suggestions with the audience.

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“We understand how frightening it might be to start anything new and learn how to earn money with Amazon from home. The good news is that you are not alone in this journey. Our latest post offers some valuable suggestions from top-of-mind Amazon FBA specialists like Kevin King, Tim Jordan, and Dima Kubrak to assist you in getting started selling on Amazon FBA and earning money,” Farrar states.

For more business tips related to Amazon, please visit the “Lunch With Norm” blog and tune in to the podcast.

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