“Popcorn Poppers A New Gift Trend” Study Reveals

A new study reveals what people give as Christmas presents says a lot about them - not just by how much they spend - but also about how insync they are with popular trends.

SEODagger.com - a Kelowna based search engine marketing company - recently came out with a ‘Chrismas shopping trends’ study which revealed how some gifts never changed - even decades later - while others have changed drastically in the last five years alone. They even interviewed shoppers to find out why some things were changing so much while others seem to stay the same.

“Chocolate is one of the gifts that never change. It’s evergreen - meaning it is almost always appropriate to give chocolate - no matter the occasion” said Konrad Braun, owner of SEODagger.com and marketing director for Leelalicious.com.

Mr. Braun explained how the sale of chocolate increases year after year - not just because scientists are starting to find health benefits to chocolate consumption, but also because “as people get busier and busier and leave more and more of their gift shopping till the last minute, chocolate is a no-brainer win almost every time.”

He then went on to talk about how - of course - the latest and greatest tech releases tend to always be popular favorites and predicted the all new iPhone 7 will be a popular choice this Christmas “just like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were popular presents last Christmas”.

To everyone's surprise, one of the things on Braun’s trend list - that was popular last Christmas and looks like will be even more popular this Christmas - was popcorn makers.

“At first we didn’t fully understand how popcorn machines even made it on our trend radar but after talking to the CEO and founder of Leelalicious.com - a health food blog - it quickly made a lot of sense” Braun said.

“Popcorn - next to chocolate - is something you can’t go wrong with. People love their popcorn. No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or on any kind of diet (which most people tend to be shortly after Christmas) you can still enjoy a good bowl of popcorn without feeling guilty. In limited amounts, it has been shown to actually be good for you. This makes it the perfect gift - not just for Chef friends - but also for movie lovers or just about anyone else” according to Braun.

He went on to explain how an in-depth review post on Leelalicious.com - about the best popcorn maker brands on Amazon - was used in their trend study. “People are going crazy ordering all kinds of fancy popcorn machines through it. It’s quite something!”

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