Polylastic Launches the First Premium Set of Crypto Index Products

Polylastic, which prides itself on being the premier digital finance index protocol, is introducing the Polylastic Index - a collection of crypto index baskets.

Polylastic, powered by Polygon, is the first token to introduce a comprehensive set of digital asset indexes. Polylastic (POLX) token holders are able to access diversified crypto portfolios with just one token. The index is designed to track the token performance within the ever-evolving Digital Finance Industry. Currently, four indexes are being tracked - the Blue Chip Index, Community Decided Index, NFT Index, and Gaming Index.

By using Polylastic's cutting-edge technology, the dedicated team has gone through extensive due diligence and market research to ensure all the indexes provide the community with the best there is to offer. The indexes offered are designed to track the progress of the entire digital finance space. Furthermore, Polylastic offers quick and easy exposure for people of all interests and backgrounds through one token, simplifying access to the fastest-growing sectors in DeFi markets.

As previously mentioned, the Polylastic Index is a collection of index baskets that includes DeFi, blue chip, NFT, gaming, and many more. The portfolio design is based on various risk models, which helps cater to clients of varying risk appetites. Additionally, by entering into these indexes, users are able to broaden their exposure to the many options offered in the vast crypto market. 

To ensure the index is able to sustain through market volatility, the underlying assets of the indexes are selected by top analysts with consideration of various factors such as market capitalization, volume, liquidity, and other key indicators.

“The team at Polylastic thoroughly and accurately dives deep into all the market data to provide users with the most accurate and meaningful pricing models and indices of various crypto and digital assets,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Polylastic pride itself as one of the premier digital finance index protocols and is constantly determined to deliver valuable results that will influence the overall health of a strong crypto market.”

To learn more about Polylastic, interested customers can visit their website at: https://polylastic.io/

About Polylastic

Polylastic seeks to stand apart from its competitors while establishing itself within the global crypto market, providing benefits and rewards to its user base. The innovative platform features a streamlined purchasing process, valuable expert market research, a user-friendly platform, and a meticulously developed index that is rebalanced periodically to provide the most accurate data.


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