Podium Launches New Free Business Tools for Better Meeting Consumers' Demands

Using technology to its fullest benefit is the key to improving customer satisfaction and meeting the public's evolving expectations, publishes podium.com

Customers are placing an increased emphasis on their experiences with business' websites. Analysts base this conclusion on numerous reports released earlier this year by members of the digital marketing sector. Almost 75 percent of consumers will now take their business elsewhere following a negative experience on a company's website. In contrast, 77 percent will recommend a company to others after having a positive experience. In an effort to help businesses meet consumers' expectations and build their clientele, a spokesperson for leading business solutions provider, Podium has launched the company's latest selection of free business tools.

"Consumers certainly have high expectations of the companies these days," said the Podium spokesperson. "In fact, many will abandon a company they've been doing business with for years after having a single negative experience. That means numerous positive experiences are essentially negated by one minor slip-up, and that's only one problem companies are now facing. Our business tools are designed to cover several of the common issues and help businesses fulfill consumers' growing demands all from a single platform. This gives companies a number of advantages while simplifying much of the customer service and satisfaction process."

Consumers cite response times as their primary complaints toward businesses. While an estimated 40 percent want to receive a response from a customer support representative within an hour, 15 percent expect help in five minutes or less. Some are willing to allow 12 hours for a company to respond to their questions or concerns. Based on recent figures, receiving a reply via email typically takes 17 to 24 hours whereas the process takes about 10 hours through social media messengers. In comparison, live chat responses typically take between a few seconds and two minutes.

Another area in which consumers feel businesses are falling short is providing personalized service and experiences. Despite now conducting the majority of their purchases and interactions online, customers want to be treated much like they would when doing business face to face. Many feel modern businesses lack the human element needed to fulfill this portion of their expectations. Live chats, messenger apps, video chats, and certain other elements have been found effective in fostering this aspect of consumers' demands.

Although businesses have the drive and will to meet consumers' growing and evolving demands, many struggle to keep up with the continual changes. Studies show lead capturing and analytics tools are often helpful in this regard. They can aid businesses in collecting feedback from customers, tracking sales, measuring marketing effectiveness, and many other factors that are crucial to reaching consumers and improving satisfaction ratings.

Concluded the Podium spokesperson, "Our company got its start by solving a serious issue one business was facing. From there, we realized just how important text messaging and other types of technology could be in terms of satisfying consumers and improving customer loyalty among other factors. Our Free Live Chat Tool, internal communication solutions, analytics tools, and other resources revolve around helping clients from several angles. We invite business owners to contact us to learn more about the products and services we have to offer to companies of all sizes and in all industries."

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With a commitment to helping businesses improve their customer satisfaction ratings and simplify their daily operations, Podium provides a wide range of tools designed to allow clients to take full advantage of today's technology.

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