Plumbing and HVAC Companies Encouraged to Seek Services of Virtual Receptionist During Peak Seasons

With the holiday season a busy time of year for plumbing companies, it creates the need for a virtual receptionist to field customer calls.

According to Roto-Rooter, a national plumbing company, the weekend after Thanksgiving and the subsequent weeks leading up to Christmas are often the busiest times of the year. That’s true not just for the plumbing giant but also for small plumbing and HVAC businesses. On average, Roto-Rooter sees an increase in business of 27 percent during the Thanksgiving weekend, and a whopping 50 percent increase in calls on just the day after Thanksgiving. Experts attribute the spikes in service calls to people using their kitchens for holiday food preparation and running into issues with garbage disposals and sinks.

Thus, many plumbers and HVAC companies are encouraged to utilize the services of a virtual receptionist, such as Easybee, to handle incoming customer calls. This lets plumbers and HVAC technicians spend more time in the field making repairs and generating billable business. Smaller HVAC and plumbing companies can’t always afford to pay a full-time receptionist, say experts, and expenses such as double-time pay on holidays aren’t always viable either.

Easybee offers reliable, professional virtual receptionist services for small businesses, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical companies. That way, when a customer contacts the business for service or to resolve a billing issue, they’ll speak to a live person instead of an answering machine, where many messages are never listened to. Easybee’s virtual receptionists can schedule appointments, relay messages, process orders, answer billing questions or even forward calls to technicians making house calls.

Easybee provides flexible, affordable pricing plans to suit the budget of small plumbing and HVAC businesses. Plans are based upon how many minutes a business needs for virtual receptionist services per month, and companies can create customized plans. This phone answering service option helps small businesses save money, as it’s much less expensive compared to hiring a full-time receptionist with an appropriate salary and benefits.

When plumbing or HVAC companies choose a reliable virtual receptionist service, it prevents them from missing important calls from current clients and potential customers, increasing the efficiency and overall profits of businesses. Small businesses can try Easybee’s virtual receptionist services for free with a no-obligation 15-day trial, so they can see how much they can accomplish when a qualified professional is handling the phones.

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