Pledgecamp: The next generation of Crowdfunding

In the multibillion-dollar market of crowdfunding, trust and transparency are the problems which keep people away. But Pledgecamp is the new generation of crowdfunding that backs the users with the confidence and block-chain powered security.

With crowdfunding seeming to be a risk-free affair and no one vying for the control of funder’s business or personal assets, this market has turned many heads. But the crowdfunding also poses legal, regulatory and ethical challenges. The crowdfunded who raise the bucks incorrectly may run into problems with securities law.

The crowdfunding platforms cater to different audiences from the ones seeking the startups to the ones desiring to fund the featured projects. There are multitudinous crowdfunding platforms you can get assurance from, but the absence of potential factor may cause failure.

A crowdfunding platform or a solution that provides the users with smart accountability, acceleration and transparency would help in solving these misaligned user incentives and longstanding issues in crowdfunding.

A decentralized platform, Pledgecamp is all set to launch this summer. This decentralized platform is, in fact, the next generation of crowdfunding that believes in proffering the opportunity to everyone, an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. The platform provides security in the form of Backer insurance and transparency requirements for the users.

This soon to be launched decentralized marketplace with the blockchain powered security will allow the users to mediate the disputes and guarantee the financial enforcement without requiring the third-party mediator and also further allows the creators to be compensated for the contributions they made to the network and invites all the people to join irrespective of geography or demographics.

Since crowdfunding is a decentralized funding and innovation that aligns with the industry and key problems in the area of trust like no accountability, where the creators receive 100% funds of upfront and owe nothing if they fail and frequent failures, as per the studies 85% of the projects delay and 14% of them fail to deliver.

The launch of Pledgecamp, which utilizes the blockchain technology is going to be the first crowdfunding platform that offers Backer Insurance, an escrow wallet framework, which allows users to self-regulate without having the need of intermediaries. The blockchain technology allows the world to engage in the complicated transactions within a programmable framework of trust and without which the key features offered by the Pledgecamp wouldn’t exist.

Aiming for groundbreaking change in the crowdfunding market Pledgecamp’s Ecosystem will provide the project creators with the broad resources they would need to succeed and the smart contract secure funds in the escrow wallet the backers monitor and verify the promised deadlines.

Regardless of a creator or a backer, this decentralized crowdfunding platform is designed to benefit both the sides through its advanced technology. It all runs on the idea of creator convincing the backers and backers trusting the creators to get the ball rolling for both the backer and the creator.

With less than one-third of the Kickstarter (a well-known crowdfunding platform) users return to back the second campaign and this probably equates to millions of dollars left on the table because of low confidence or trust. With the launch of Pledgecamp, the marketplace aims to recover these million dollars for creators with the all-new mechanisms of trust and confidence.

With the latest technology incorporated and the newest mechanisms implemented the Pledgecamp is going to secure the future of crowdfunding with the blockchain protected investments. Pledgecamp believes that good ideas can come up from anywhere and no should be denied the opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur and flare up with the culminating success.

This crowdfunding marketplace, or say the next generation crowdfunding platform, decentralized ecosystem, a market network for services and a knowledge center for information is soon going to be launched this summer in 2019. With its launch, the crowdfunding marketplace can surely expect some big waves coming in and might turn the heads of many backers and creators worldwide.

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