Playford Games Introduces Exciting Five-Dimensional Play

Playford Games is breaking onto the gaming scene with a completely different approach to play with Moral Conflict 1939, 1940 and 1941 versions.

Playford Games has launched a revolution in historical board game play: a realistic and intricate five-dimensional team strategy game. In Moral Conflict 1939, 1940 and 1941 versions of the game, players take the role of a leader of a great power, making decisions and interacting in five key dimensions: warfare, economics, diplomacy, technology advances and moral decisions. The challenge to master the dimensions and win the game together with the Playford teaching materials offers players the chance to transfer game skills to real life.

Unlike traditional role-playing games, which are inherently based in fantasy, Playford Games are grounded in reality. By offering face-to-face game play, Playford Games encourage participants to interact with others rather than withdraw into isolation. By prioritizing interaction over fantasy, Playford Games helps players apply and sharpen problem-solving skills that will actually serve them well outside of the game play arena.

Furthermore, Playford Games, located on the web at, also offers the chance for adults to learn new problem-solving strategies. Many players have noted that the process of working through the game is as exciting as the ultimate conclusion. Players have an opportunity to develop problem-based learning skills through numerous decision-making opportunities. The game offers a multitude of outcomes from each decision and allows players to change the course of history by experiencing the real consequences of various decisions.

The Moral Conflict game series, located at, first introduced in Europe and recently featured in Las Vegas at the GAMA, are being marketed as “Reality Change Games” rather than Role-Playing Games. Playford Games offer the opportunity for players of all ages to experience the excitement of role-playing game play with additional features. As one reviewer has noted, Moral Conflict is “a cross between a war game and a life coaching course.” Player Mark Wilkinson states, “This is perhaps the most interesting WW2 game that I've played. Most games ramp up the complexity by having more turns, more maps, more units, without seriously addressing the economic, political, and diplomatic questions. Moral Conflict is very different. The use of these elements has given each play of this game a unique direction. Don't expect a rerun of history, and watch your back until everyone is committed!” Find more information at

About Play Ford Games: Playford Games features real-time role-playing games designed to help participants develop critical thinking skills as they enjoy interaction with other players.

For More Information: has exciting videos, images and rulebooks to encourage you to choose your role in the Moral Conflict.

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