Play with Crypto Is Providing Its Users with The Opportunity to Burn and Mint Tokens

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Play With Crypto (PWC) is releasing an online farming game based on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform will allow users to burn and mint the tokens using BNB.

Play With Crypto (PWC) is launching a farming game based on the Play-To-Earn concept, which will allow users to play the game while earning money. The game is being developed in response to the metaverse's growing popularity. Play with Crypto (PWC) is releasing its own farm-themed game. The game's goal is to farm a tree and get rewards in exchange for its growth.

Users will be required to link to their wallet (through a QR code scan) or the metamask before they can begin playing the game. When customers sign in with their wallets, they will be given the option of purchasing a certain number of trees. The PWC token will be debited from the user's wallet based on the number of trees selected. Each tree will be priced for 100 PWC.

Users can purchase a tree and begin farming it till it produces apples daily. 3 PWC tokens are equal to 3 apples. Each tree will bear three apples per day once it begins to mature. However, users will have to water the tree regularly, which will cost one token. Regardless of how many trees a user owns, it can range from 1 to 100; however, the trees will need to be watered daily. Users will also have an option to make a one-time payment for water, which will be done automatically for the trees to grow apples.

Users will see the quantities on their dashboard once the tree begins to bear apples. Depending on their choice, users will have access to harvest apples worth one PWC token. Once the transaction is completed, the PWC token will be transferred to the user's wallet.

Play With Crypto (PWC) has enabled the listing of PWC tokens on the PancakeSwap platform. Users can exchange BNB to get PWC to start the game. Potential players willing to participate in the game to earn can visit the website.

Play With Crypto (PWC) is a game that allows users to burn and mint tokens using the Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and earn money. The platform uses the Play-to-Earn approach, allowing gamers to benefit by playing the game.

For more information, potential users can visit the official website here. Also, users can visit PancakeSwap to buy or follow Twitter for further launches.

Contact Info:
Name: Trung Nguyen
Email: Send Email
Organization: Play to Earn Crypto
Phone: +354.4212434

Release ID: 89062545

Name: Trung Nguyen
Email: Send Email
Organization: Play to Earn Crypto