Play Games and Watch Videos to Avail the Opportunity to Grab DIK Tokens and NFTs

The Dikemex Network is a live streaming and gaming platform that allows users to earn crypto tokens and NFTs just by watching and sharing videos and playing a variety of games.

Social trading web networks have exploded in popularity upon ensuring the clarity that every investor demands before investing. However, as the number of social traders grows, so does the need for greater data analysis.

The Dikemex network includes an end-to-end scalable live streaming infrastructure, allowing users to concentrate on creating live video applications. Dikemex is the leading video delivery network since it is driven by blockchain technology.

The network allows users to simultaneously watch video content and earn token rewards for forwarding videos to other users.

Integrating Dikemex into a video platform's video delivery stack lowers video delivery costs, increases viewer engagement, and generates more income. Dikemex-enabled video platforms can grow their user base and market share by spending less on video distribution infrastructure and more on rewarding their consumers.

Turing-complete smart contracts are supported by the Dikemex network, which allows for fully digital object ownership, new consumption-payment models, transparent royalty distribution, trust-free crowdfunding, and so more. It also adds an extra element of economic and social interaction to the fundamental functions of video and data transmission, boosting platform engagement and user retention dramatically.

Dikemex is glad to share information about a new opportunity that will bring users together under one roof. Users will now have access to three new features on the network: DGame Store, DNFT Marketplace, and Wallet.

Dikemex's development team has created a large number of games for the DGame store. The online gaming platform now allows users to develop and play games. Users will now be able to use NFTs in numerous games and dApps.

Users may make online purchases and send and receive cryptocurrencies safely and securely using the Hot Wallet token (DIK), an online payment system. The token can also be used for NFT exchange to buy, sell, bid on, trade, and showcase on the DNFT Marketplace. Related information about tokenomincs can be found here.

The Dikemex Network is a live streaming and gaming platform that allows users to earn tokens by playing games and watching videos.

Users interested in earning crypto tokens can visit the website here.

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