PlanckX Debuts at the Global Internet CEO Conference 2021 to Push Traditional Games to Go On-chain

PlanckX is the next generation decentralised game aggregation platform inspired by the metaverse concept and will be making impact on the Global Internet CEO Conference 2021

On December 9, the PlanckX game aggregation platform will bring its products and solutions to the Global Internet CEO Conference 2021 to provide game developers with consultation and technical support for the transformation of traditional games to GameFi.

Sai Ma, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of PlanckX DAO, mentioned at the conference: "At the current critical point in technical development, we are committed to upgrading players' gaming experience, empowering the traditional gaming industry with blockchain technology, and safeguarding players' gaming assets."

In the traditional game operation system, the game assets accumulated by the players through spending money and time in the game cannot be privatised. If the game publisher stops supporting the game or the game goes offline, the game assets will become worthless. Players’ investments in the games cannot be monetised and their asset rights cannot be protected.

Blockchain technology now brings us a new solution to the above problem. The new model of chain games allows users to own their digital assets as non-fungible tokens (NFT), trade them with other users, and integrate them into digital experiences, thus creating a new free market.

Embracing the vision of building a world where game creators and players can freely connect and create unlimited possibilities, the PlanckX team developed a game aggregation platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, providing developers with full-process support including creative incubation of game projects, one-click release of digital assets, operational support, among many other solutions for traditional game developers to embrace the Metaverse era.

In response to the chain reform requirements of traditional games, the PlanckX solution customises to the specific content of each game, and include four levels: 1. Turn game ip into virtual assets; 2. Incorporate virtual assets into gameplay; 3. Bring the game economic system or gameplay logic on chain; 4. Use Layer 2 technology to ensure high efficiency and low cost. These solutions are independent of traditional publishers and can better support the value of game assets, thus protecting the developer's income and asset safety.

The Metaverse is a digital universe that transcends the Internet as we know it today. Although the Metaverse has not yet taken shape, we can already see the future of the Internet from the current mainstream actions. The market opportunities that enable Metaverse to move from theory to reality may exceed US$1 trillion per year, and may soon compete in volume with Web2.0 companies with a market value of approximately US$15 trillion. "Technology will not change who we are, but will magnify who we are." The technology wave of Metaverse has arrived. Face it rationally, seize the opportunity, and embrace the Metaverse.

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About Event:

Global Internet CEO Conference 2021
Time: 2021.12.09
Location: Beijing, China

About PlackX:

PlanckX is the next generation decentralised game aggregation platform inspired by the metaverse concept and empowered by blockchain technology. With the belief that a free and open community can create unlimited value, we will work with game developers and players to use blockchain and NFT technology to guarantee the safety of gamers assets.

About Sai, Chief scientist, PlanckX DAO Co-Founder

Sai has over 6 years of experience in the Al industry and has an MBA from the University of Oxford.He used to work for Standard Chartered Bank, Sinope and Amazon, and is good at predictive data analysis and natural language processing .He has also successfully developed Al software and industry knowledge graphs.

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