PixWords Help Reaches Record Traffic As PixWords Game Reaches New Heights of Popularity

PixWords Help has seen more than a million pageviews in the last month, thanks to the growing popularity of the mobile game, available for both Android and iPhone.

PixWords (pixwords-help.org) is a best-selling mobile game that challenges people to translate visual clues into one word answers. The game is both simple and addictive, but that doesn’t make it easy. Many players find themselves stuck on particular clues, with no way to progress in the game.

PixWords Help is a website that aims to help people free themselves from this predicament, by providing answers to over 3,000 PixWords challenges. The site has just received one million page views in a single month, all from users eager to unlock the game.

The site (http://pixwords-help.org) offers a simple interface, presenting the image clues in an easily scannable grid so that individuals can quickly identify the problem images. They can then be clicked to receive answers in more than nineteen different languages, making it a truly global resource. The website makes it as easy as possible for people to find the answers they need to unlock the game.

This ease of use is no doubt a major contributor to the incredible traffic the site has received. As the popularity of the game grows, the popularity of this resource grows too. With the game having been installed tens of millions of times, this is only the beginning for the help site.

A spokesperson for PixWords Help explained, “PixWords is a great game, but some of the clues are truly confounding to people. They require a broad range of general knowledge, pop culture understanding, trivia, and even science and maths ability. As such, there is always going to be a clue to trip up someone, and we will be there to provide the answer they need to progress through the game. We will continue to update the site as the game expands, and we hope to see more users than ever visit our site in 2017.”

About PixWords Help: PixWords Help is an online resource center that helps people find the very best solutions to PixWords challenges. PixWords is a game for Android and iPhone that challenges people to think laterally, and PixWords Help provides clues for individuals who have found themselves stuck on a particular challenge, so they can get around the roadblock and enjoy the rest of the game.

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