Pixtopic Launches Electronics Information Site

In-depth, vendor-neutral articles highlight pros and cons of a variety of home electronics products

Pixtopic, an information site for electronics products, has launched. Offering consumers and business owners authoritative reviews on the latest digital products, pixtopic.com prides itself on unbiased commentary.

“Our goal is to give buyers the facts they need to make an informed decision,” said a spokesperson for the site. “Unfortunately, some sites in this category are really just publishing sales pitches in order to get a commission from the vendor. As you might imagine, this is not helpful at all to the buyer.”

The main publication at this time is “The Best WIFI Routers – In Depth Buyer’s Guide and Review.” The guide, which is a collection of articles and charts, goes into great detail describing and comparing a variety of popular high-end routers. The guide covers routers from Asus, Netgear, D-Link, TP-Link and Asrock. It compares the routers according to three band capabilities, 4K streaming, USB ports, Gigabit ports and antennas.

The guide is not shy about pointing out flaws and tradeoffs inherent in certain products. For example, a router that they praise for having eight antennas and strong security is also criticized for its high price and single USB port. In this way, the site gives readers a true sense of value for what they’re considering buying.

Sub-sections of the guide include “The Best Three Band High End Routers of 2017,” “The Best Dual Band AC Routers Under 100” and “The Best Budget Routers Under 50.” The guide also provides extensive basic information about how WIFI routers work and the differences between three band and dual band. It asks thoughtful questions like, “Can a cheap router really compete with the big boys?”

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