Pixsume Launches New Fast And Free Way To Stand Out With A Visual Resume

Pixsume has created a new visual resume builder that allows job seekers to optimize their resume for recruiters and make an impactful first impression for better job prospects.

The visual resume is a great way of presenting information that allows job seekers to stand out from the crowd. Most job seekers simply don’t know how to get started creating a visual resume, while those few who do tend to go overboard on the style and forget the substance. Pixsume is a new, fast and free visual resume builder and is the only one on the market optimized to what recruiters are looking for.

The Pixsume resume builder allows job seekers to compare their resume with thousands of others to see how it compares before they apply for a job, helping them feel confident that they will stand out in the application process.

Together with improving the look and feel of a resume, Pixsume also have free resources that can help users acquire new skills or improve existing skill sets.

While traditional resume formats can be painfully boring, a visual resume format shines and allows busy recruiters to scan the content and still absorb the essential information, helping job seekers get more interviews.

The biggest pain for recruiters is reviewing hundreds of resumes, many of which use dense blocks of text to explain the minutiae of job roles that may not even be relevant to the position offered. Pixsume offers them a refreshing change, and gains job seekers their good will.

A spokesperson for Pixsume explained, “Users don’t only make their resume stand out with Pixsume, they make themselves and their skill sets more accessible and impressive; they can enrich their skill sets and also find inspiration on how to present skills they may not have thought about listing. The visual resume format has been created with the latest psychological research in mind, adapted to how people read instead of how people wish to present themselves, meaning the end product is ideal for the people that will get users jobs. We have seen great results in our extensive product testing and feedback with real recruiters, so we look forward to seeing that translate into success for our users.”

About Pixsume:
Pixsume help job seekers stand out in the crowded job market. With its visual resume format, it helps professionals in presenting their resume in best possible format. Not only visual resume but Pixsume also helps everyone identify gaps in their resume and provide resources for improving the resume.

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