Pittsburgh Roof Installation Company M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing Discusses Leaky Roof Causes

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M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing discusses the potential causes of leaky roofs. The roof installation company suggests early detection and quick action can help homeowners avoid costly roof replacement bills. <a href="https://prreach.com/pittsburgh-roof-installation-company-my-pittsburgh-roofing-leaky-roof-causes/">Continue reading →</a>

M&Y Pittsburgh Roofing, Pittsburgh’s number-one roof installation company, is advising home and building owners that early detection of a leaky roof, along with quick action, is often the key to avoiding costly complete roof replacement bills further down the road. Although a roof change may be inevitable, the company shares its expertise on what can cause a leaky roof for future damage prevention.

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The company’s senior spokesperson, Gino Slipko, explains, “Most often, leaks in roofs can be due to mechanical damage to the roof. This can be caused by many different events such as weather damage, physical damage, the roof’s age, or if the roof installation was done incorrectly.”

Gino outlines the following factors homeowners should consider when a leak is found:

  If a leak is detected, inspect the attic near the ventilation units, sewer pipes, a chimney flashing or skylights while it is raining. “Maybe you will be able to see where the water is coming from and get a bucket for it until roofing professionals arrive,” Gino says.

  Inspect the house from the outside and look if any missing shingles can be seen from ground level. Homeowners should not go up on the roof by themselves unless they are professionally trained and have all the necessary safety equipment.

  Leaks from melting snow or clogged gutters can be discovered along the eaves of the house.

  Proper ventilation in the attic is necessary to reduce the accumulation of heat and moisture and help air flow through the attic to regulate the temperature. A lack of ventilation can lead to icing, mold growth, heat traps and moisture accumulation.

  Lower-pitched sections of the roof can look just fine on the outside but still have leaks – it’s the age of the shingles as they are no longer sealed and will let water through.

  Orange spots or streaks on the ceiling, cracked ceiling or dripping noises during the rain are obvious signs of an actively leaking roof, which requires immediate attention before it creates bigger and more costly problems.

When a leak is found, the company suggests careful examination of the roof inside and out. Yellow spots and streaks on the inside of the house or black spots and mold in the attic can indicate the leak is directly above. Gino adds, “Sometimes, there are no obvious signs of a leak that homeowners can spot right away. A leak may start at one point of the roof but start entering the attic space many feet below it as the water will travel underneath the shingles and find the gaps between the roofing deck to leak.”

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