Pittsburgh Photographer Offers Tips on Professional Headshot Wardrobe

There’s a science to the perfect picture, and your wardrobe is part of it

Professional photographer Jen Barker Worley is pleased to share tips for wardrobe selections for headshots. Jen Barker Worley offers headshots for many of Pittsburgh’s established and rising business leaders. A great headshot will provide a lot for your audience and convey much more than a text-based intro on a brochure or convention schedule. Potential clients who are doing their research and find a face to a business will be able to connect with business owners easier.

When deciding what to wear for a professional headshot, there are a lot of tips and tricks to ensure the focus is on the person. Clothes and even hair can create distractions that take away from the person who should be the focus of the photograph. Choose colors that work well with your skin tone and eyes. Loud, vibrant colors generally don’t have a place in professional headshots, and you should instead opt for colors that are subdued and blend into the photograph.

Clothes with textures and patterns can be a bit tricky, so bringing a few options might be a good idea. On the one hand, clothes with textures or patterns can be distracting and take away from the subject. Striped or herringbone patterns might be a bit too busy and look unattractive on camera. Patterns might also be indicative of a trend or seasonal look. It’s a good idea to stick with something classic for longevity and so as not to be polarizing for others. The same goes for hairstyles. Don’t get a new never before do on your first day, and haircuts should be done a few weeks before the portrait to ensure there is a more natural look.

Ensure that the textiles are clean, without wrinkles, and doesn’t bunch up when you sit down. Portraits might be taken while sitting down, so if you are in front of a mirror trying to decide what to wear, ensure that you bring a chair in front of the mirror to see how the clothes will move when you sit down. Lastly, ensure that the clothes you choose make you feel confident and relaxed! This will do a lot to bring out your natural confidence which no makeup or Photoshop program can bring out. Of course, the Pittsburgh Photographer Jen Worley is an expert at working with professionals to relax and enjoy their headshot process.

Accessories are also great for adding some personal touch to a portrait. Women can include stud earrings and a straightforward necklace. Hoops or large dangling earrings may get in the way of a hairstyle or create points of distraction. Necklaces should not be too flashy, and reflective pieces may be hard to photograph. If you feel strongly about signature pieces of jewelry or looks, try to bring multiple options. For men, accessories can include a tie or type of cufflinks. Again, they should be chosen to compliment the person and not the focal point.

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