Pittsburgh Photographer Focuses on Giving Professionals a Head Start

Why hiring a professional for a headshot is worth the money

Jen Barker Photography is pleased to offer professional clean headshots for the commercial and professional community of Pittsburgh. Many potential customers and clients utilize the internet as an interface for looking up and researching businesses. With a clean, professional headshot, business owners can give clients a feel and friendliness to a website or listing that would feel cold and unfeeling otherwise.

Headshots are a great way to introduce yourself as a potential employee or candidate as well. Cover letters and notes of introduction go a long way to tell a story, but putting a face to a story can help someone stand out. In the digital age, a portrait can be utilized on social media to help send the right message to potential employees or job recruiters. On websites like LinkedIn especially the right headshot can help you stand out and put a face to the name. For visual learners, a headshot and face will build a better sense of connection. It may help people to remember a name when they come in for an interview. Headshots are a sure way to leave a lasting impression.

Those already established in their career can find great use for professional headshots from a Pittsburg photographer. Steel City is home to a diverse economy that is home to the service industry, corporate headquarters, tourism, banking, and higher education. People who represent a particular niche or wisdom in their given field may start being asked to sit in on panels at professional conferences, start publishing their own media or step forward to be the front face of a growing enterprise. In these cases, a headshot may be requested for conference guides, book jackets, or branding efforts. Rather than scrambling to find an appropriate photo, booking an updated photoshoot ahead of time will help members of any given field be able to put their best look forward.

Getting a professional headshot is not just a good idea, it’s an investment. The time and effort you take to present yourself well to others in your field, coworkers, and audiences can mean the difference between being remembered or forgotten. A professional photographer like Jen Barker Worley is available to present the correct lighting, angle, and mood that a professional image is expected to convey. A picture will tell a story. Whether these headshots are ultimately utilized for social media, branding, marketing efforts, or more they will ensure that any Pittsburg professional has a shot of standing out and being received well.

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