Pitoche.com Acquired by Ladi6.com – An Expanding Product Content Authority

Ladi6.com has acquired pitoche.com, leveraging a strong strategy for content that is hoping to pay off.

Ladi6.com launched in 2017, initially started as a product resource blog. The last three years saw the site rise in viewership, thanks to its helpful content contributions towards consumers.

The site produces excellent content, focusing predominately on a consumer-centric topic. The last three years proved to be an eventful journey, with plenty of eyeballs gravitating to the site. A spokesperson for ladi6.com stated the company had intentions to expand in 2020, with its growing traffic volume requiring more content.Ladi6.com targeted pitoche.com in early 2020, taking its time with due diligence on the company and its product.

The move by Ladi6.com to acquire pitoche.com comes at a peculiar time in the global economy. With COVID ravaging the planet, many businesses are scaling back – rather than scaling up.Ladi6.com comes with an acquisition strategy at a time when economic demand is waning. So, why the need to burn through cash now?

This bold move by Ladi6.com is a brilliant strategy. By expanding when your competition is weak, you grab market share as their efforts decline and budgets dry up. The team at Ladi6.com understands an opportunity when they see it. The team identified pitoche.com as the target for the acquisition, and the rest is history. By taking a chance in an uncertain era, Ladi6.com assumes a calculated risk they know will pay off.

According to a spokesperson from Ladi6.com, "Pitoche.com was a natural choice; it just made sense. The site's product alignment and content strategy fit with ours like a match made in heaven. We're pleased we managed to come to favorable terms with the pitoche.com management. We decided to look at acquiring another site in 2019 as part of our 2020 growth strategy. With the onset of the pandemic, we saw it as a buying opportunity and decided to go ahead with our expansion plans."

The Spokesperson for Ladi6.com further noted “The management team at pitcoche.com was instrumental in getting this deal through. They understood our expansion needs and our requirements for a seamless transition. Our organic and inorganic search is on the rise in 2020, and we hope this acquisition adds more value to our site, and it's offering. We think pitoche.com offers our viewers the content they want to consume. We feel it adds value to our community, and we look forward to our viewer's responses on the updated content archives on our site. We expect the site to continue to grow from strength to strength. The acquisition positions Ladi6.com for domination of its niche. With a dedicated, authentic content strategy, Ladi6.com strengthens its legacy as one of the premier consumer review sites online.”

The management team at Ladi6.com understands the risk of expanding when the global economy is sinking. However, the opportunity to acquire pitoche.com appeared at precisely the right time. Ladi6.com experienced a period of steady growth during the infancy of the business. Over the last year, the website is starting to see some massive traffic volumes. Ladi6.com wanted to acquire a company it feels fits with its brand identity to update its content offering. Pitoche.com was a natural choice. The company describes the deal as a significant win for Ladi6.com, cementing its growth and reputation in the market.

With the acquisition complete, the Ladi6.com site bolsters its already impressive content offering. The addition of the pitoche.com content makes Ladi6.com a real player in the space. The company's aggressive but calculated approach to its content strategy is what makes it shine in the face of competition. The management team at Ladi6.com understands growth and when to execute. They can expect this site to continue its march up the search rankings to recognition as the leading authority in its niche.Ladi6.com continues to extend its legacy into the digital space of product reviews and useful consumer content. Its acquisition of pitoche.com shows that the site has a strategy. It also displays its commitment to the future growth of the company with this decision.

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