Pierre Megie Launches Program to Train Real Estate Agents to Make Six-Figures with the Apartment Locating Niche

Pierre Megie Launches Coaching Program to Train Real Estate Agents to Make Six Figures in Six Months in the Apartment Locating Sub-Niche. Without selling property, real estate agents can earn significant income working from home in the Apartment Locating Business.

AUSTIN, Texas—November 1, 2020—Pierre Megie, a successful entrepreneur and licensed realtor, announced today that he is launching a new online program to train real estate agents in the steps required to take full advantage of the highly lucrative and little discussed apartment locator side of the real estate business in their own respective markets. By leveraging the apartment locating sub-niche and establishing a constant influx of apartment rental clients per Megie’s specific guidelines, real estate agents can make up to six figures in six months—if they follow Megie’s proven formula for enabling renters to find affordable apartments in Austin and in almost every other major city where the business model exists.

“My Apartment Locator Training program shows you how to make money, working from home, without selling any property,” Megie explained. “As an Apartment Locator Agent, you earn commissions from landlords & the management companies of large multi-family buildings whether the properties are Class A, B, or C. They have apartments to rent out. They need tenants. You provide the tenants, who are your real clients. To your clients, the service is totally free.” As Megie further described, an apartment locator is paid a commission by landlords or management firms typically equal to one or two months’ of the base rent of each particular unit you lease.

“That might not seem like a lot of money,” Megie added. “But, if you follow the secrets I share in my Apartment Locating Masterclass, you might find you can put clients into cheap apartments, luxury apartments, affordable downtown apartments and high rise penthouse style apartments a dozen times a month on average or more. At one or two thousand dollars a clip, you can see how this quickly becomes a six-figure home-based income stream.”

A Place to Start, or Restart a Real Estate Career
As Megie knows, starting as a new real estate agent can be intimidating. One has to find listings and then sell expensive real estate. However, real estate agents can also earn fees with rentals in multifamily buildings and smart city apartments. “This is a great way to get your career going,” he said. “Or, if you’re trying to get your real estate business back on track, being a leasing agent is a good path to follow. In addition to making money right away, you are building relationships with many real people who are simply trying to acquire a standard rental apartment – the 1st stage precursor to purchasing a house, which comes next, naturally. Who do you think your clients are going to call when they’re ready to buy a house? You! That is, if you understand how to build relationships over time, which I share in my Apartment Locator Coaching.”

The Apartment Locator Webinar
Megie has found rapid success in his apartment locator coaching brand, Real Estate Duck Hunters along with his company, the National Association of Locators. His Apartment Locator Academy covers everything there is to do to succeed as a real estate agent in a growing digital age, on a clear, Step by Step basis. His Apartment Locating School deals with getting licensed in the proper way, building salesfunnels instead of websites and configuring modern client relationship management (CRM) systems with done-for-you premade drip campaigns. The webinar includes an all new real estate agent training that has been shaking a large portion of the real estate industry.

He reveals secrets like:
• How he got his rental clients begging him to sell them a house by accident
• How he closed more real estate clients by scheduling fewer in-office appointments
• How he uses high traffic websites to generate 10 leads per day for free

Addressing Concerns about Becoming an Apartment Locator
As Megie explains in the Apartment Locating Webinar, helping a client lease an apartment happens quickly and seamlessly. Prospective apartment locators may have concerns, however, such as “Do I have to Inspect these properties or attend a closing to get paid with each client?” Megie says no, “When the client tours the apartments by themselves and applies, the apartment complex staff themselves take it from there. When the client lists the agent’s name on their rental application, you simply wait on receiving the payment that is cut from the apartment’s marketing budget a couple of weeks after the client moves into their new apartment.”

About Pierre Megie
Pierre Megie is an Austin & Denver-based realtor, licensed broker associate and serial entrepreneur who has cracked the code to becoming truly financially independent as a real estate agent. His secret involves simply helping people lease apartments while getting paid a commission by the apartment complexes themselves. His formula has nothing to do with the complexities of starting a standard real estate business. He came to his new way of making money after struggling as a traditional realtor, when, while stopped at a red light, he noticed an “Apartment Locating” sign in an office window. He met with the agents, and immediately took a job with them. He started having great success as an Apartment Locator—earning $3,950 on a single Saturday on his first week on the job.

Megie runs a completely free private Facebook Group for participants in his paid training course along with free members interested in simply learning about the all new apartment locating niche inside of the real estate industry, along with a YouTube Channel full of valuable insight from a long 6+ years of personal experience inside of the business.

To register for the webinar, click here: https://www.pierremegie.com/register35510155

Additional information can be found at https://www.pierremegie.com/apartmentlocatingmasterclass35549272

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