Pic.Shop.It App Launches for Android and Apple iOS Devices

With the new app, PicShopIt.net, the process of decorating is simplified thanks to innovative technology and amazing features


(Henderson, NV) Billions of people around the world sign on to an array of social media sites each day. Individuals Like, Follow, Re-Tweet, and Share information from favorite influencers and bloggers. While most users love seeing the décor, fashion, and products online, they rarely know where to shop to replicate the look.

To help ease this issue, the Pic.Shop.It app has been launched. The innovative app is transforming the use of social media and finding the amazing products seen online.

“With the Pic.Shop.It app, users can take a picture, search for it online, and find similar items to buy,” stated Pic. Shop.It app spokesperson Janine Penagos. “Using the app is simple. All you have to do is download the app available for Android and iOS users, sign up for the app using your social media or email credentials, and then start using it right away without issue.”

Once the app is installed on a user’s device, they can begin uploading pictures to search for their favorite décor items, accent pieces, furniture, clothing, makeup, and more. The app searches through by designer name or through stores to find the most affordable price for the user. Thanks to the innovative design of this revolutionary app, it’s easy to find and replicate the things seen on social media that are posited by bloggers and influencers.

“When you install our app, you can begin using it right away and have fun decorating and saving money,” continued Penagos. “Our Pic.Shop.It app takes all the searching and hard work out of the equation. Now is the time to download the app and see what it offers.”

Additional information about the Pic.Shop.It app and how to use it can be found by visiting the company’s Website or by reaching out to the development team via email.


Pic.Shop.It will help users decorate like all their favorite interior bloggers and decorators on Instagram or other social media platforms. To use the app, a person needs to take a picture of the item they are looking for, or upload one from online, and find similar items to buy. With the app in use, a person can easily compare prices and harness their inner bargain shopper. Easily find similar items from favorite stores and designers for a more affordable price, while Pic.Shop.It does all the heavy lifting.

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