Piconorm Launches New Imported Family Elevators: Leading To The First Place

Piconorm, a leading elevator company in Hanoi, has imported two family elevators, SERIES T and SERIES H. These family elevators are infused with the latest German technologies, which makes these elevators unique.

Piconorm, a leading elevator company in Hanoi, has launched imported family elevators infused with Germany technology. With this launch, the company becomes first of its kind in Vietnam to introduce family elevators with German technologies. The company has launched to new series which it has named SERIES T and SERIES H respectively. SERIES T is a non-counter weight family elevator, and SERIES H is a counterweight family elevator.

SERIES T and SERIES H family elevators provide flexible specifications to suit the need of the customers. These elevators are customers oriented. The elevators are specifically designed to meet the customisation requirements of the customers. These can be installed in the central lobby of a place; in the middle of a sky ladder; or in between two connected floors.

The CEO of Piconorm Group, Martin Stoffel, has remarked, “With detailed aesthetic customisation, Piconorm SERIES T and SERIES H elevators provide users with personalised lift solutions.”

The SERIES T and SERIES H family elevators use the design concept of the Germans. The design is highly technologically oriented. The design is suitable to meet the aesthetic requirements of the customers.

SERIES T is a non-counter weight family elevator; therefore, the space it uses is very less. It is specifically designed to meet the need of the customers using limited space. The model is space-saving. The elevator area uses very less space and this, in turn, increases the cabin area by 15%. There are a few models available under this series.

SERIES H is a counterweight family elevator. It uses manual cable flat high rubber core steel. It has a few models as well.
Each of the designs of both the series is aesthetically pleasing. The superior technology used in these models has increased its loading capacity by 30% compared to the family elevators of the competitive firms, within the same construction space.

About the Company:
The Piconorm Group was founded in the year 1966. It is headquartered in Wasserliesch, Germany. The company has been a leading elevator company for more than fifty years. It has twenty-six industry-leading patents. The elevator products are sold in more than eighty countries. Piconorm is one-of-its-kind when it comes to maintenance, setting up, and fixing elevator services.

Piconorm Vietnam is one one the most sought after companies in Hanoi. It specialises in the supply of imported family elevators.

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