Physio Ashgrove and Nearby Area Residents Served By Comprehensive Therapy

Brisbane-based Pivotal Motion Physiotherapist provides full-body physio services and techniques to athletes, office workers and others who need relief from pain. The practice services every age group.

Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy and Bobbie-Jo Forsyth-Strong are pleased to announce that they provide services to physio Ashgrove patients as well as to residents of Newmarket, Wilston, Kelvin Grove, Red Hill, Windsor, and Herston. The convenient location at the Newmarket Village Shopping Centre is easily reached from anywhere in Brisbane and the Northside. The professional team is fully committed to offering a comprehensive range of treatments and therapies. The professionals are focused on a holistic approach to health.

The skills which the physio team brings include overall health and wellness, as well as appropriate treatment options to improve mobility. There are many techniques applied by the therapists which are successful in treating everyday conditions, as well as injuries from sports events. The hands-on physiotherapy is focused on restoring the patient to improved health as well as better mobility. The underlying concept is to address the causes of the condition, rather than just the symptoms.

Sports-related injuries and painful conditions are a common reason for consulting with a physiotherapist. The professionals can supply therapies for sore muscles, twisted extremities and general stiffness in the muscles and joints. The therapists determine the best approach for each patient which may take several different techniques or combinations of techniques. Some of the practical measures can include trigger point therapy, muscle stretching, exercises and dry needling, as well as others.

The techniques provided in the Newmarket location have been shown to be effective for individuals of every age group. The professional team offers several different types of classes for adolescents. Teens who play sports can benefit from the therapy and classes which are available in Brisbane. Professional athletes can also experience healing and better physical functioning through the techniques offered by the professional team. The team approach enables each patient to take part in a holistic program for overall health and wellness.

Contact Info:
Name: Bobbie-Jo Forsyth-Strong
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Organization: Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy
Address: Shop 213A, 400 Newmarket Road, Newmarket QLD 4051
Phone: 073 3525 116

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