Phone Pass invents a new technology to solve digital identity fraud problem - Silicon Biometrics

Phone Pass has invented a new technology to solve the digital identity fraud problem. World is losing $550B annually in spite of spending $150B annually. It leverages hardware characteristics of devices to get one in a trillion device accuracy.

The online and digital fraud 'industry' costs the global business USD 550 Billion annually in both direct and indirect costs in spite of spending >USD 150 Billion annually to solve it.

In the same way that human biometrics can be used to authenticate humans, Phone Pass uses the unique remnants of the device manufacturing process to build trust between machines, we call Silicon Biometrics. Silicon Biometric is at least 10 Million times more accurate than Iris Scan - one of the better known human biometrics. As all digital communication is front ended by devices even when humans are interacting, accurate identification of devices can ensure enhanced trust in all digital communication. Phone Pass' Silicon Biometrics upends this paradigm with a solution that is both CHEAP and SECURE. Can be used in following other than 2FA (a) Use mobile phone to operate automotive, (b) Remote mobile phone hijacking and SIM swapping attack prevention, (c) Automated water dispensing (utility) integrity can be ensured, (d) Securing a solution that uses blockchain to service utilities industries, and (e) Identifying devices that were used in fraudulent transactions, among others.
Phone Pass' Silicon Biometrics technology is patent pending. Phone Pass has completed international phase of patenting without hitting any prior art. Phone Pass has now applied for patent in >40 different countries. Silicon Biometrics can get to an accuracy of one-in-a-trillion that is currently unheard of in authentication accuracy.

Please contact us if you would like to pilot Phone Pass' Silicon Biometrics technology in your scenario.

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