Phone Answering Service Offers Solution to Growing Phone Number Spoofing Woes

Easybee virtual reception services wants to help small and midsize businesses increase efficiency by avoiding telemarketers and phone scammers.

Unfortunately, phone scamming is still a common practice in the business world. With just a few pieces of simple electronic equipment, spam callers can make it seem as though they’re calling from somewhere local, which can make some individuals and businesses drop their guard and answer, even though they don’t recognize the number.

Easybee’s virtual reception services can help combat phone scammers’ attempts by helping companies avoid telemarketers through phone answering services. Easybee also ensures customers speak to a real person every time they call instead of a machine, which increases overall customer satisfaction and business productivity.

The most common tactic phone scammers use is spoofing a caller ID with VoIP (voice-over-IP) services. The equipment associated with this service lets phone scammers choose which area code they want to call from to make it seem as though they’re a local business or customer. More advanced scammers can even change the three-digit prefix that follows the area code to make it seem as though the call is coming from right in the neighborhood. Then, with a simple internet search or computer program, they can generate a list of numbers with the same area code and prefix to spam call every number on that list. Some target businesses, which means companies pick up calls thinking they'll be dealing with a customer, only to be derailed by a robo or spam call.

Easybee can screen these phone calls so businesses aren’t wasting time and resources to manage and answer calls that aren’t from current clients or potential customers. The receptionists can forward calls or messages to any employee of a small or midsize business and schedule appointments. They can collect information from incoming leads to help contribute to future potential sales and fill out order forms for customers calling to order products. Incoming calls are handled with friendly precision and accuracy to keep clients coming back, and robo calls simply never make it onto the business's radar.

Easybee offers five plans based on the number of minutes per month a business needs. Companies can also customize a plan if they need fewer or additional minutes on their plan. These services are offered at affordable rates, which are much less than the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist who would require a full salary and benefits.

Easybee virtual reception service is a great way for businesses to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. They provide a solution for filtering incoming spam calls so that businesses aren’t wasting valuable time and resources.

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