Phone Answering Service Offers Answer to Increasing Phone Number Spoofing Woes

Easybee virtual receptionists wants to help SMBs increase efficiency by avoiding telemarketers and phone scammers.

In South Carolina, State Representative Rick Martin recently introduced a proposal in the House of Representatives that would effectively outlaw the common practice of phone spoofing, a scheme that affects residents and small businesses alike. Typically, in a phone spoofing incident, an incoming phone call appears to be coming from a local resident when in fact it could be dialed from overseas or another location altogether, and the person on the other end is usually a telemarketer trying to sell businesses a product or service they don’t want or need. Phone answering services, such as Easybee, offer a solution to this problem with reliable, professional virtual receptionists.

SMBs that waste time with phone spoofers are costing themselves valuable time and money. Resources that could be spent on helping existing customers or speaking to potential new customers are instead devoted to avoiding telemarketers and phone spoofers.

Florida and Mississippi have tried similar measures before each respective state court system struck them down as unconstitutional, citing encroachment of the federal government’s territory as Congress has passed laws already that preempt these efforts at the state level. South Carolina, on the other hand, seems determined to find a way around it and make the law stick in order to help small businesses and residents avoid as many as 50 million phone spoofing calls each month.

Easybee virtual receptionists offers a solution to these troubles: a professional virtual phone answering service for small and medium-sized businesses. Each receptionist is specially trained to answer customer calls and direct them to the appropriate people. They can also assist with managing schedules, generating leads from new customers and processing orders on a web-based interface. Many answering service plans are available and offered according to the number of minutes needed per month, so whether a business requires a temporary replacement for a regular receptionist on vacation or a more full-time employee, it can find the plan that best matches its phone answering needs.

For businesses that have many bilingual customers, Easybee offers bilingual virtual receptionists. These individuals are able to switch between speaking English and Spanish to ensure clear communication between the customer and business.

Businesses interested in avoiding phone spoofing woes can visit Easybee’s website or contact them directly for a free trial.

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