Phone Answering Service Offers Answer for Busy Law Firms

Easybee virtual reception services wants to help private law firms improve efficiency and client satisfaction by providing a reliable phone answering service.

Hiring an in-house staff member specifically to answer phones is a luxury that many small law firms can’t afford because of tight budget constraints. Onboarding a full-time administrative assistant often means paying a full-time salary and benefits, which can cost an individual firm $30,000 to $40,000 annually depending on the receptionist’s prior experience.

Busy law firms don’t always have time to answer client calls throughout the day because in-house lawyers are litigating in court or holding meetings with the clients they work hard to defend.

Easybee’s team of virtual receptionists offers an affordable answer for busy law firms that have limited time to handle phone calls. The company offers a variety of plans with a set amount of minutes devoted to virtual receptionist services at affordable rates that won’t stretch a firm’s budget. For slightly larger firms, enterprise solutions are also available.

Not answering the phone during business hours creates an impression that a business is unavailable and unwilling to assist its customers, even if the reason is actually related to not having a full-time virtual receptionist. Statistics say that 80 percent of callers sent to a company voicemail will hang up before leaving a message. Hiring a virtual receptionist ensures phone calls are answered by a live professional, giving customers an opportunity to connect with businesses in a timely manner.

Easybee’s services go beyond answering phone calls. The company can also help with appointment scheduling in an online calendar to ensure clients have sufficient time to meet with individual lawyers without any overlaps.

Call forwarding and message relaying are also included with any of Easybee’s plans. This way, partners can ensure they never miss an important message or phone call from any of their clients. This timely, efficient handling of incoming calls helps improve overall customer satisfaction.

A large part of a lawyer’s job is to generate new business, and Easybee can help individual firms grow their list of clients. Easybee’s team of virtual receptionists helps with lead generation and collection to turn potential customers into lasting clients.

Law firms that are interested in hiring a full-time virtual receptionist can contact Easybee directly or visit its website to browse individual plans with set amounts of minutes per month.

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