Phoenix Stock Broker Begins Operation, Offering Effective, Realistic Financial Advice

New financial advisory firm will help guide clients toward comfortable, attainable retirement goals while advisors work harder than any others, Phoenix Stock Broker reports

Phoenix Stock Broker, a new financial advisory service focusing on retirement investment and planning, has commenced operations and is now accepting clients. Founded in an effort to help the area's many financially under-prepared individuals and families gain access to reliable, strategic financial advice, Phoenix Stock Broker puts an emphasis on satisfying, realistic results. The Phoenix Stock Broker team includes a number of individuals with extensive, successful experience helping others better prepare for retirement, and the new company expects to distinguish itself with the level of service it offers and the extent of the hard work its advisors will do on behalf of clients.

"Retirement saving and investing are things that few people like doing," Phoenix Stock Broker representative Andre Veres said, "but we here at Phoenix Stock Broker can show just how satisfying and productive they can be. With our help and guidance, our clients are going to experience more comfortable, enjoyable retirements than they would have thought possible." With the average length of retirement at the present time in the United States inching closer to two decades, future retirees will clearly need substantial savings if they are to enjoy any level of comfort in their advanced years.

Unfortunately, savings rates and investment returns have not kept pace with ballooning retirement spans. The average 50-year-old in the country today has only a little over $40,000 saved, a sum that would be insufficient to finance even a single year of the kind of retirement most hope for, according to sources cited at

Phoenix Stock Broker was founded to help address this difficult situation. The company's financial advisors, trained in the latest and best-proven techniques of financial planning and analysis, are able to formulate and convey strategies that can make a real difference for clients' retirements. By focusing on rock-solid investment approaches and smart, approachable savings plans, they help clients to make real, cumulative progress toward their retirement goals.

At the same time, Phoenix Stock Broker advisors work harder on their own parts than those of any competing firm. Many financial advice firms focus on running up their fee or commission totals above all else, failing to deliver in terms of service as they hop from one client to the next in order to pad their bottom lines. Phoenix Stock Broker, on the other hand, was founded upon a company-wide commitment to doing the utmost possible for each particular investor in order to ensure that time and money entrusted to the company produce gratifying returns.

Those interested in the offerings of the new company can find out more at, where a helpful introductory video can be viewed and full service descriptions and other details can also be found. Visitors to may also easily schedule free, no-obligation consultations regarding their own financial futures.

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Helping clients understand and prepare for their future retirement needs, Phoenix Stock Broker puts an emphasis on realistic, attainable plans and goals and hard work on the part of the company's advisors.

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