Phillip James Financial Launches a New Website for the Financial Planning Firm

The company is growing quickly and relocated the offices to better meet the growing demand for comprehensive financial planning with tax integration, reports

Phillip James Financial ( proudly announces the launch of the new firm website. The new website has been completely redesigned to better meet the needs of clients and includes a virtual tour for site visitors. This is one of many changes the firm has made to improve the overall experience for existing and potential clients, as they have also relocated their offices thanks to the growth they have experienced in recent times. Individuals wishing to learn more about the financial planning office and its offerings will find the new site to be of great help in answering any questions they may have.

"According to BankRate's Financial Security Index, published in June 2017, 22 percent of individuals surveyed state their worst financial mistake involved failing to plan adequately for retirement. Only 20 percent of adults state they had no financial regrets in this survey, leaving 80 percent feeling they have made one or more mistakes. With the help of our fee-only financial advisors, this number can decrease significantly as we work with clients to determine their unique priorities and grow their wealth accordingly," Phillip Christenson, spokesperson for the firm, explains.

Fifty seven percent of couples, when surveyed, stated they would advise newlyweds to save earlier for retirement. In fact, 64 percent of adults state their biggest stress is money, according to Money Habitudes. One reason this may be the case is individuals don't know how to manage their money or grow their wealth. They believe working more hours will solve their financial difficulties, but many discover this isn't the case.

"Bad behavior tends to be the reason people encounter difficulties of this type, as studies have repeatedly shown. An individual may be lacking in discipline or make mistakes based on their emotions. Cognitive biases also play a role in this, and many individuals aren't aware they are making these mistakes. To overcome this, a person needs a written financial plan. Furthermore, he or she needs an advisory team in place to help avoid mistakes of this type," Christenson continues.

Fidelity also examined couples and their feelings on retirement. This study found that less than half of couples make decisions regarding their retirement together, which makes it difficult to plan for the future. In order to properly plan for retirement, couples must align their personal goals for the future with the investments they are making now. This plan allows the couple to track their progress and make adjustments when needed.

"We are here to help you prepare for the future and all it holds. The interests of our clients always come first, and we help you develop an investment strategy that is not only consistent, but also objective and academically based. Contact us today so we can help you improve your finances. Doing so allows you to live the life you deserve," Christenson states.

About Phillip James Financial:

A local fee-only financial planning and investment management firm located in Plymouth, MN, Phillip James Financial acts as fiduciaries for their clients and in the client's best interests. They serve the recently retired to ensure they have a dignified, worry-free retirement, pre-retirees who are looking to successfully transition to retirement and young professionals looking to grow their wealth and achieve financial independence.


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