Philippine Company Bitcoin Pinoy – The Place to Acquire, Sell, or Shop With Bitcoin

Bitcoin Pinoy is the premier Filipino service for businesses and consumers to join the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company has recently secured angel investment from American investors.

Filipino citizens now have a way to transact with Bitcoin within their own country thanks to registered company Bitcoin Pinoy. Bitcoin Pinoy is owned and operated by Filipinos who have secured American based Angel funding. Bitcoin Pinoy currently supports buying and selling Bitcoins with instant or next day deposits to sellers’ bank accounts and will be rolling out additional capabilities to make transacting in Bitcoin easier, safer and more cost effective.

As founder Faith Tondares explains, Bitcoin Pinoy is committed to serving both the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Filipino economy: “We are honored to help Filipinos join the Bitcoin economy. We offer a secure and reliable method of securing Bitcoin and already have many satisfied customers. Over the next 12 months you will see more services being rolled out and Bitcoin Pinoy continuing to hire.”

The company has already served customers in Manila and across the Visayas. People living in the Philippines can easily buy and sell Bitcoins by completing the simple forms provided on the Bitcoin Pinoy website, then following the payment instructions. The user sends Bitcoins he wishes to sell to a designated address and he will receive a deposit to his bank account the same day or the next business day. To buy Bitcoins, customers would make a cash deposit to the bank account indicated in the instructions and will receive Bitcoins shortly thereafter.

Bitcoin Pinoy is especially helpful to people who need to buy or sell Bitcoins, but do not need to go through a full blown trading platform. Similar to USA-based Coin RNR, Bitcoin Pinoy has a set buy or sell price which fluctuates with the market but which the customer can either take or leave. Bitcoins can be bought or sold with Filipino Pesos (PhP). Bitcoin Pinoy can support customers with a MetroBank, BPI, UCPB or BDO bank account.

Bitcoin Pinoy maintains a blog designed to educate Filipinos on the basics of what Bitcoin is and how it works. Posts include videos on how to get a wallet, how to use a mobile wallet app and how to send and receive Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pinoy will soon expand to provide support for online merchants who want to accept Bitcoin in payment and other capabilities all designed to make transacting in Bitcoin easier, safer, and more cost effective.

With its easy to use interface for buying and selling Bitcoins with PhP, Bitcoin Pinoy is fulfilling its mission to be the premier platform for Filipinos to buy, sell or transact in Bitcoin.

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