Philadelphia Stop Smoking Clinic Expands Helping Companies Cut Health Care Cost

Alternative way to reduce health care cost by effective smoking cessation programs with hypnosis.

Employees who can't stop smoking. It may cost company health care cost a premium for employing smokers says Todd Stofka of Philly Hypnosis how to quit smoking in the Philadelphia . However that can change with helping them become smoke free.

Pennsylvania is one of those states that does not offer protection under the law to smokers. Therefore, smokers' chances of being hired for the job of their choice could be jeopardized if they are a smoker. More and more employers, especially those in the healthcare field, are turning away qualified applicants for positions in their companies because the result of their urine screening tests are positive for nicotine use regardless of whether it is cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or even patches. Companies are looking to reduce health care cost and smokers are a risk.

Todd Stofka, Smoking Cessation Expert says, "Using nicotine products are highly addictive and users resort to various methods to stop, such as: the patch, nicotine gum, cold turkey, etc. to no avail. Even when a person's job is on the line, the stranglehold that nicotine has on them is too much to overcome on their own."

The smoking habit that started awhile ago, maybe it was to be cool, to hang with the "in" crowd, or to be rebellious will reduce everyone life an average of 14 years. In addition, it greatly increases the chances of life threating illnesses such as: lung cancer, emphysema, leukemia, COPD, and other life reducing problems.

Hypnosis has proved to be an effective tool for releasing users from this deadly habit. Philly Hypnosis Performance Stop Smoking Programs have helped almost 800 people break the habit of smoking and smokeless tobacco. The Stofka Method and Neural Repatterning process involve addressing the roots of the smoking emotions and behaviors and rewiring them into healthy habits. An essential part of Stofka’s holistic approach involves teaching people to take responsibility for their actions through custom designed one-on-one sessions for individuals and smoking cessation classes for small and large companies to end this life-threatening, old habit.

Stofka's team is regularly hired by corporations to help fulfill smoking cessation programs with hypnosis . There is a double benefit with these programs. The employee becomes free from this deadly habit and ultimately healthier. The company reduces its health care cost.

In addition to helping people quit smoking, Philly Hypnosis business programs have helped countless people improve their ability to interview thus improving their value to future employers.

To assist in the large demand for corporate smoking cessation programs, Philly Hypnosis offers a free evaluation to explore this successful way to reduce health care cost by helping employees quit smoking, contact Todd Stofka and his team at 877-557-7409.

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