Pharr Road Animal Hospital Offers Local Vet Tips For Warm Weather Pet Safety

Pharr Road Animal Hospital has launched an informational blog and website about safety tips for pets during hot weather. Pets can become dangerously ill during times of high temperatures.

Pharr Road Animal Hospital is pleased to announce three tips which will help pet owners protect the health and safety of household animals. For humans, hot weather is great for outdoor activities, but can also be a risky time for furry members of the household. According to the local vet, summer months can be a time when pets are at risk for heat exhaustion, dehydration and other types of hot weather-related illnesses. Unlike humans, pets are unable to speak out about the onset of heat-related conditions.

Pets should never be left in a car during warm weather. Even a few minutes in a closed vehicle can result in triple digit temperatures. The owner can understand something of the condition by sitting in a closed car for a few minutes. Pets cannot get out on their own, and may succumb to heat exhaustion in a matter of minutes. It is better to leave the pet home where there is temperature control, food and water than to take them along during shopping trips or errands.

Always provide water, air and shade for pets. For outdoor pets, shady areas must be provided so that the pet can stay out of the sun. Water should be provided by owners at all times. Dehydration is another condition which can happen quickly and the damage can be irreversible, even fatal. The caring owner will give the pet a rest from hot temperatures by letting them indoors to enjoy a fan or the air conditioner. Adding ice cubes to the water dish is another way to provide relief.

A watchful eye on the pet and note of any changes in behavior will help to prevent heat-related conditions from worsening. Pets who are moving slower or appear to be shaky on their feet need immediate action. The owner should take steps to get the pet cooled off quickly. A visit to the veterinarian as soon as possible is recommended.

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