Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Not The Answer for Drugged Up Nation

Health Coach once chronically ill shares her secrets to living a more natural life and urges everyone to take responsibility for their own health.

It's no secret this country is going through a health crisis. More and more people are chronically ill. Obesity is on the rise, as well depression, anxiety, and brain fog. Many doctors today do not have the background or time to help people delve into health with a whole body perspective, leading them to perscribe pharmaceutical drugs as a "quick fix". In a country containing about 5% of the world's population, American's are consuming over 50% of the worlds pharmaceuticals.

Vickie Gould, a health coach with a Master Herbalist diploma and certified in Holistic science, is urging others to shift the paradigm of how they look at food, nutrition, and health with her new course, Complete Body Reboot. "I’ve been there. I’ve dealt with chronic illness and multiple sensitivities. I’ve struggled and overcome and I want to share what I’ve learned with everyone. I make my own tinctures, teas and natural body products because there are too many toxins in commercial products. We cannot give the responsibility to the most conventional doctors or a pharmaceutical drug. I ask you – do you really believe that the deficiency your body has is a pharmaceutical drug?"

The human body is constantly trying to balance out everything within it, including the environment and food, inside and outside of the body. This balancing act causes stress, which can lead to much more severe ailments. Rather than traditional doctors, people need a health coach with a background in body functions, food, mind connection. Gould uses education along with natural and alternative therapies such as herbs, essential oils and supplements, to help people gain control of their health in a more natural way.

People who are wanting to get healthy can’t keep doing whatever they want and look for a magic pill to fix them. It just won’t work. "Education can change what people do. When your perspective changes, your mind changes and then your actions will also change. My goal is to rebalance and reboot the body so that it can do what God intended it to do."

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