Pets Get The Best Advises Owners to Practice Caution When Letting Their Dog Out

Wood kennels offer a protected space for dogs to enjoy the outdoors without being at risk for getting lost.

8/28/19 - According to the American Humane Society, around 10-million dogs and cats are lost each year or stolen. According to their research, approximately one in three dogs will become lost at some point in their lives. For dog owners, these are scary numbers, but there are steps that can be taken to protect a dog from going missing. Pets Get The Best advises dog owners to practice great caution when letting their dogs out to enjoy the outdoors.

Most dog owners do everything they possibly can to ensure their dog is protected at all times. One of the biggest reasons dogs go missing is because they are let outside without any barriers to protect them. Dog owners should learn about wooden dog kennels and how they offer a protective space for their furry friends to enjoy the outdoors without being in danger.

Wooden dog kennels are able to hold up to the elements and last for many years. When purchased in the right size, dogs can have plenty of room to move around while enjoying the sunshine and the fun of being outdoors. When choosing a crate, it is important dog owners measure their dog from head to tail and from paw to the highest point of their head to determine the size of kennel they require.

Another important measure dog owners should take is having their dog microchipped. When a dog gets lost, this microchip will inform others of the dog owner's name and address so the dog can be returned to its home. This gives dog owners peace of mind in knowing their precious pooch will be returned if found.

When taking a dog outside for playtime or a walk, it is also important to keep the dog secured on a leash. Dogs should be trained from an early age to walk on a leash and heed commands. The leash keeps a dog in control, as long as they have been properly trained to follow commands.

One of the areas some dog owners fail to take care of is spaying and neutering. Dogs are more likely to wander away from home when females are in heat. When a male dog has not been neutered, their natural instincts will take over and they are likely to wander away from home and begin looking for a mate. Dogs who have not been neutered may also become overly aggressive.

Dog owners should be aware of where their dog is at all times. Just like a small child, dogs should never be left alone without being fully secured. A dog owner should remain with their dog at all times or enclose them in a wooden kennel to ensure they are safe and protected. Even a highly trained dog can wander away, so being proactive and taking special precautions is crucial.

A dog is a big responsibility, but they make up for that with endless love and devotion for their owners. With the number of lost dogs rising each year, owners must take responsibility for their dog and ensure they are safe at all times. Taking extra precautions will help to prevent a dog from becoming another statistic, causing their owner to be overtaken with grief because they are gone.

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