Petraco emphasises importance of graduate recruitment

Petraco is one of the oldest independent trading companies in Europe, priding itself on great expertise and strong connection with its customers.

The Petraco Group has renewed its commitment to graduate recruitment. Petraco is known for its privacy and extremely selective Graduate Training Programme which hires only one, or a maximum of two graduates, approximately every two years. When asked about the recruitment process, Petraco’s Global Senior Recruitment Officer (SRO) stated “it’s very simple, we only hire when we need people. We look for graduates exclusively when traders need support in any of our various desks. This means the successful graduate is thrown into the deep end from day one; there is no better way to learn the job than to do the job”.

The Petraco Group is one of the oldest physical trading houses in the world and it has always maintained a reputation for an excelling and dedicated workforce. The turnover rates for employees have historically been very low, while retention rates for graduates are high. Unlike other commodity trading houses which prefer to direct graduates towards specific departments, Petraco insists on a rotational programme before commencing trading. All graduates are required to complete several months between shipping operations and logistics to better appreciate the physical movement of commodities. Seats in risk management, trade finance and physical trading follow. Eventually graduates who wish to embark on a commodity trading career are promoted to a Trader Assistant position, where they develop a one-to-one rapport with a particular trader and assist with every-day trades. Those with different interests can instead select different departments.

When asked about the type of graduate often sought after, Petraco’s Global SRO added “there isn’t one. We actively promote and support diversity and inclusion to ensure everyone has an equal chance of being hired. While we do look for degrees in Economics, Business, Engineering, or a similar subject, we do not look for any specific university or college name. Ultimately what matters is for the applicant to be driven, ambitious and curious. Our industry is unique so showing a real interest in energy and commodities goes a long way. This is also why we have a strict policy of avoiding psychometric testing in our recruitment process. We believe people can develop the skills they need while completing the Graduate Training Programme. Drive, ambition to succeed and interpersonal skills are key. Ultimately physical trading is a people’s business at its core and numerical skills only go so far. This is also why our global corporate policy makes it compulsory to attend interviews in person. You simply can’t get the feel of whether someone is the right fit through some online testing tool or via a video conference”. In light of the current travel restrictions Petraco has therefore chosen to refrain from hiring new graduates until a normal interview process can resume. It is likely Petraco will open a new Graduate Training Programme position in 2021 but no details on this have so far been released.

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