Pest Control Charlotte NC Publishes Details on Why Professionals Get Such Good Result

Good pest control involves more than professional-grade pesticides, reports Pest

The rise of the Internet has made it so that pest control products that were once only available to professional exterminators can now be ordered online, but this has caused no apparent ill effects for the pest control industry. According to Pest Control Charlotte NC, a Charlotte pest control company, there are a few good reasons for this. It turns out that the specific products that are available aren't the only keys to success. Proper application techniques, the ability to identify specific pest species, matching the pesticide to the species, and other such things are also important factors. Many of these things can only be learned either through extensive education or field instruction from established professionals.

"Many people try to spray for every 'bug' they see," said Bruce Worthy "But spraying isn't usually the way to get rid of a specific infestation. Instead, most insects that come in large enough quantities to infest a house should be dealt with using bait. It's also important to match the bait to the species. Ground-dwelling termites, for example, need to have bait that's placed in the ground where they already like to travel. Above-ground termites, on the other hand, need to have the baits put in or next to walls because they won't burrow down to get the buried kind."

While spraying isn't usually good for getting rid of an established infestation, it is useful for preventing them. Foundation sprays serve as barriers against insects and spiders looking for ways in from the outdoors. These sprays have two aspects that allow them to work: They kill pests that walk over them, and they often repel them as well.

"The techniques used for jobs like Charlotte termite control vary depending on the current situation," Worthy said. "If there's an established infestation, it's a good idea to bait first and only apply a barrier spray after the current crop has been exterminated. However, keeping termites out of a house that doesn't currently have any can involve a spray right away. In the second case, the spray is keeping them from coming in rather than working to get rid of what's already there."

Species identification is also very important for an exterminator Charlotte NC. This is because different species of pests like ants prefer different types of bait. Putting out poisoned sugar gel, for example, won't work on ants that prefer to eat protein and grease because they won't be attracted to the sugary substance. Another difference between species is what types of poisons will work. The professional exterminator has already learned which is which for all of the species in the area, and will be very likely to be able to take care of a pest problem on the first try.

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