Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin Launches Free No Obligation “Claim Or No Claim” Consultations

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin is now offering to help people understand whether or not they can make a claim for injuries sustained in road and vehicle accidents, free of charge with no obligation.

Individuals who are injured in accident that wasn’t their fault often feel that their injuries are an injustice, and feel anger and upset at the struggle they must go through to overcome those injuries. This especially true if injuries lead to loss of earnings, money spent on physiotherapy and other medical costs, or permanent disability. Despite all this, many people still feel unsure of whether they are entitled to claim compensation or not. Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin will now enable people to see about the possibility of a claim by going over the details with them, with no obligation and no charge.

The new claim or no claim consultation ( will enable individuals to sit down with an experienced claims assessor, whether at the office, at the individual’s home or over the phone, to discuss the details of their experiences, the incident in question and any injuries or deleterious effects experienced by the individual.

The process will then analyse the facts, and the chances of successfully being able to claim compensation, as well as creating an initial estimate for the scale of compensation individuals may be entitled to claim based on their injuries, the circumstances, evidence and other factors (

A spokesperson for Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin explained, “We understand it can be a daunting thought to start an injury claims process, and often the stress of the unknown is enough to put people off in the first place. That’s why we’re encouraging individuals to meet with us in a low stress, no pressure environment to discuss their experiences, so our experienced claims assessors can get the details and then help people understand why they may or may not have a chance at successfully receiving compensation. From there, we can help people take their first steps toward making a claim in the right way.”

About Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin: Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin have an outstanding reputation when it comes to winning compensation cases on behalf of clients who have been injured in road traffic accidents and collisions. Their dedicated team of solicitors, assessors and claims managers have decades of combined experience, and they offer their services on a strict no win, no fee basis.

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