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Finding a good Lawyer gets harder by the day because there are so many out there, but there is one organization that is proving to serve customers better then the rest.

New York and the boroughs can be very rough places for pedestrians and cyclists. It can be rough for those who own cars as well, and accidents do happen. Should an accident occur, admit nothing; get the required information, and contact a qualified attorney.

“Most people make the mistake of signing off on something before it is wise to do so. Sign nothing until speaking with a qualified attorney,” said Stuart Kerner, Esq. of the Kerner Law Firm.

Kerner works in personal injury and is admitted to the Bar in New York. His primary office is in the Bronx, but he is available around the city.

Accidents are not limited to vehicular injuries. Medical malpractice is also very common, and many who are hurt do not realize that compensation is only fair to offset medical costs and treatments.

“The rate of medical accidents has dropped significantly, but even the most competent surgeon or physician may make a mistake. If it should happen, there are rights to fair compensation and representation,” said Kerner.

Other accidents include construction, building and falls in businesses. It is vital to remember that your health and well-being could be at stake. Even if there is no apparent damage, pain or otherwise, know the full rights under the law.

“Too many good people who have signed away rights without knowing the law. It is a sad fact which is why clients call for a free initial consulation,” said Kerner.

Free information about what to do in the case of an accident is available on his website along with other information such as location, hours and appointment scheduling. Visit Stuart Kerner Law.

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Name: Dr Steven Nelligar
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