Personal Development is a Tool to Boost Brand Awareness for Gen Z Entrepreneurs and Influencers ~ Ahmer Ibrahim

Personal development is often overlooked by professionals and industry players but for CEO and Entrepreneur, Ahmer Ibrahim, it is an important tool for increasing brand awareness and helping Gen Z influencers grow their brands

Gen Z marketers and influencers, like other professionals, can become so engrossed with running their organizations and brands that they forget the art of personal development. Influencers and marketers targeting Gen Z audiences bring so much to the table and it is quintessential they grow as individuals as their brands grow.

18-year-old Entrepreneur and CEO, Ahmer Ibrahim has advocated the need to engage in personal development especially for persons whose intention is to impact lives and help others via Gen Z influencing and marketing. “Everyone is an amalgamation of their experiences.” Ahmer asserts.

To record success at multiple levels, Ahmer believes Gen Z influencers must cultivate a culture that strives to uphold personal growth alongside brand growth. By encouraging self-investments, setting appropriate goals, and creating an open and safe working environment, Gen Z influencers will enjoy giant strides in the pursuit of their goals and the growth of their brands.

About Ahmer Ibrahim

Ahmer Ibrahim is the CEO of Remha Media, an online advertising agency that specializes in skyrocketing online brands using paid advertising. The agency helps businesses regardless of their industry to reach new feats in their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Known as The Digital Aficionado, Ahmer through his signature service, a 90 Days Ads Skyrocket Program, oversees the process of running ads for brands and handles the planning to ensure that ads perform properly and as expected. He also offers a free sales booster titled 12 Tips to Increase Sales for a Cold Audience where he shares effective marketing tips for free.

Connect with Ahmer Ibrahim via LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Visit his company’s website at for more information about his Remha Media Agency.

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