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Paternal health needs to be a focus before, during, and after pregnancy and the 2019 "First 1000 Days" offers information on this topic along with maternal and infant health, reports

Maternal Nutrition and health often serve as the focus when discussing healthy infants. Nevertheless, Paternal Health likewise needs to be taken into consideration, as research is being conducted to determine how a father's genes impact the health of the infant. Furthermore, scientists are studying the father's physiology, diet, metabolism, and body composition to see how they affect the child's risk of chronic disease in the future. The Perinatal Society of Australia and New Zealand recognizes the importance of paternal health at this time and includes information on the topic in the 2019 'First 1000 Days' e-booklet recently released.

When men and women take on a new task, such as skydiving for the first time, they must take part in training before they ever attempt a jump. However, this is not the case when it comes to pregnancy. Most women don't see their doctor until they believe they are pregnant when this first visit should take months before they even attempt to conceive. Fathers need to be a part of this visit also to ensure they are in good health prior to conception.

Men need to understand their body mass index impacts the health of their sperm and may play a role in whether their partner becomes pregnant. When the father is a healthy weight, the risk of miscarriage decreases. Furthermore, the child is more likely to develop normally.

The first 1000 days are of great importance in a child's life. Breastfeeding provides the infant with natural immunity to many diseases, and the mother's milk changes to meet the unique needs of the child. Solids need to be introduced at the proper time, and both parents need to ensure they are taking proper care of their own bodies. Becoming a parent brings about many challenges, and the 'First 1000 Days' is of great help during this difficult time.

The birth of a child is always a wonderful thing. However, to give the child the best start in life, parents need to focus on all aspects of the pregnancy. Being in good health before conception is of great importance, caring for the mother throughout pregnancy needs to be a priority, and ensuring both parents have their needs met following the birth of the child is critical. Download the e-booklet today for more information on this topic and many more, as every child deserves a great start in life.

Information has been sourced from the PSANZ Early Life Nutrition Coalition, which has produced a pregnancy and nutrition guide to the 'First 1,000 Days'.

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