Peoplesec Announces New Enterprise Mergers And Acquisitions Service

The service allows enterprises to discover cyber security holes in the companies they acquire, reports

Premier cyber security firm Peoplesec recently announced the arrival of their new Mergers and Acquisitions service. The new service is designed specifically for enterprises that acquire companies, allowing these enterprises to quickly and effectively discover cyber security holes in the businesses they are acquiring.

“Simply put, cybersecurity is a critical consideration factor when evaluating an organization for the possibility of a merger or acquisition, and it’s particularly important when acquiring organizations with public or internet facing applications,” said Patrick Crumbaugh of Peoplesec. “This is why we’ve spent countless hours developing an assessment explicitly tailored for those companies currently focused on mergers and acquisitions. This assessment gives important insight into regulatory and compliance adherence, helping businesses understand policy and procedure and determine the likelihood of a potentially devastating breach occurring.”

Peoplesec’s Mergers and Acquisitions offering is specifically designed for higher level management such as those in the C-Suite. The service covers six critical assessments, including: a penetration test to identify threats and implement safeguards, a password audit to identify weak passwords and correct policy weaknesses, a data protection assessment to evaluate the likelihood of a major breach, and a regulatory compliance assessment to ensure IT systems are strong enough to fulfill risk management tasks. Additionally, Peoplesec’s experts perform an OWASP Test for websites and web applications as well as a SANS Top 20 GAP Assessment.

Crumbaugh went on to say, “From basic employee cyber security training to our Mergers and Acquisitions service, our team is always focused on helping businesses use their resources wisely and address the real issues when it comes to keeping their sensitive information out of the wrong hands. Our newest offering ensures that business owners and managers are able to maintain peace of mind as they set their sights on corporate expansion.”

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About Peoplesec:

Fed up with the insanity of enterprises throwing more and more resources into technological solutions instead of addressing the real issue of people being the weakest link, PeopleSec specializes in the human element of cybersecurity with a comprehensive set of services designed to maximize a company’s security by improving their workforce as a whole, their InfoSec teams, their IT personnel, and their software application developers. PeopleSec’s full suite of service offerings include cyber threat war-gaming, cyber security support services, cyber sec awareness, PCI-DSS compliance, IT support and more.

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