Pentagon Location Flower Shop Offers Fall Flower Suggestions

Greensleeves Florist at Pentagon offers same day delivery for most locations. The shop carries a full selection of fall-themed flowers and arrangements.

Greensleeves Florist at Pentagon and Owner, Ghazala Ran are pleased to announce that they have a wide selection of flowers perfect for home décor, fall events, and fall weddings. The flower Shop in Arlington VA has a full range of flowers in fall colors and concepts. As summer flowers are not so much in demand for fall occasions, customers are invited to share warm wishes with a friend or loved one with a rustic bouquet or selection of fall-colored blooms.

Fall weddings call for a different color palette than summer or spring weddings. The flower shop in Washington DC has a full menu of colors, flowers, and arrangements to set the theme of a fall wedding. The arrangements can be as simple or complex as is needed to set the right tone. The colors usually associated with fall weddings include oranges, yellows, and even browns. The creative designers can help with ideas to produce the unique and beautiful arrangements.

Thanksgiving is another upcoming holiday which demands fall flowers. The florist in Washington DC has a selection of arrangements which will perk up any Thanksgiving dinner table. The Thanksgiving Garden Centerpiece, Pumpkin Patch, or Fine Fall Roses are arrangements which lend themselves well to a major celebration day. The Family Gathering Centerpiece is another arrangement which perfectly fits the day.

The artists for Greensleeves at Pentagon can prepare flowers of many different types and place them in arrangements suitable for the occasion or location. The list includes Bird of Paradise, Calla, Carnation, Daisy, Lily, Orchid, Rose, Sunflower and Tulip. For customers who prefer to look for colors first, the color palette of flowers available at the shop includes Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Lavender, Orange and Green Flowers. Customers can choose an arrangement for remembrance, birthday, thank you or “just because”.

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