Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc. Launches New Online Store

Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc., a leading environmental services company that handles a variety of waste management, sustainability, and environmental remediation services across the United States, has launched a unique online store that offers mailback solutions for numerous regulated waste types.

Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of environmental services to small- and medium-sized businesses across the United States, has launched an online store which features a variety of mail-back solutions for the management of a variety of regulated waste streams. The site, called Prodex ( is a unique store that gives businesses the ability to purchase solutions for the handling, shipment, disposal, or recycling of a variety of waste streams.

Mark Hope, President and CEO of Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc., said "We are very excited to launch Prodex, our new online store for a variety of waste management solutions. The store offers numerous options for the recycling or disposal of regulated waste that is commonly generated by healthcare, industrial, commercial, and institutional organizations."

A problem that small businesses face is the challenge of finding sustainable, compliant, convenient, and affordable solutions for these waste types. The use of a mailback system such as those offered on Prodex helps meet all of these needs. When a customer orders a mailback solution, they are shipped a box with all of the handling, containment, shipping, and disposal of their waste. Additionally, each mailback solution comes with a pre-paid shipping label that is used to ship the waste to the disposal site. The price for each solution includes shipping of the package to the customer, all of the packaging and handling materials, and shipping of the waste to the disposal site.

"There is no more affordable and convenient solution for the handling of light bulbs, batteries, small quantity medical waste, medical sharps, dental waste, and other similar waste streams than our mailback solutions. Each solution is fully compliant with state and federal laws and regulations and ensures that the customer can handle this material properly at the lowest possible cost," said Hope.

For more information visit the Prodex store online at or call Pegasus Sustainability Solutions, Inc. at 888-409-0733.

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