Peerbet Processes Over 1 Million USD of Wagers in Bitcoin Since Launch

The unprecedented, decentralized nature of Bitcoin has led to a boom in the online Bitcoin gaming space. Increasingly, it is the most innovative Bitcoin gaming platforms which are standing out from the crowd. Peerbet is one such service. has reported a total turnover of over 1 million USD equivalent in Bitcoin since launch. This high turnover can be attributed to the innovation of the platform. Peerbet’s raffles have zero house edge and the platform is provably fair, committed to the privacy of its users and imposes no upper or lower limits on the wagers Bitcoiners can place. The platform has more than 15 000 users and at peak times more than 80 people are playing simultaneously. Peerbet’s provably fair wheel of fortune game is nearing 500 000 total bets placed and on average over 16 000 Bitcoin raffle tickets are drawn daily. Peerbet also has an Android app for users to play raffles on their phone, and there are plans for a dice game to be added in the near future.

Peerbet is unique in that that there is zero house edge on the raffle games offered – users compete against each other on the site instead of against the house. In a world first for a Bitcoin gaming service the long term expected value of the raffle games on Peerbet is zero, contrary to the expected long term loss intrinsic to all other online Bitcoin gaming services. This revolutionary peer-to-peer Bitcoin raffle gaming with zero house edge is no doubt a large factor in Peerbet’s success since launch.

There are also no upper or lower limits imposed on players: the smallest wager which can be placed at Peerbet is a satoshi and there is no upper limit whatsoever. This unprecedented flexibility is yet another reason Peerbet has experienced such a high turnover since launch. Utilizing the unique aspects of Bitcoin, at Peerbet players do not have to provide their identity and all payments are processed anonymously through the Bitcoin blockchain. When a game is created, Peerbet generates a random nonce and publicly publishes its SHA-1 hash: the platform then waits for the next Bitcoin block, and combines its hash with the nonce’s plaintext using this value to determine the winner. In this way Peerbet cannot possibly change the outcome of the game before it completes, or know the result ahead of time.

With its unique offering of zero house edge raffle games, Peerbet’s raffles provide the best long term odds of winning to be found in the online Bitcoin gaming space. Peerbet has an Android app for users to play the zero house edge provably fair raffles on their phone, and there are plans for a dice game to be added in the near future. Furthermore, the platform’s well developed provably fair technology and commitment to user privacy are among the most advanced to be found in the world. With over 15 000 total users and having processed over 1 million USD in wagers since launch – this is no doubt only the beginning for the fairest online Bitcoin gaming service to be found worldwide.

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