Peashooter overturns traditional game methods and creates the No.1 game brand on the chain

Affected by the pandemic of this COVID-19 and powerful promotion of 5G and next generation host, it is predicted that the global game industry in 2020 will be up to 159.3 billion US dollars, attaining 9.3% of a year-on-year growth.

Beyond that, it is predicted that such incomes will break through 200 billion US dollars at the end of 2023, undoubtedly showing the optimistic market outlook of the game market.

Existing problems in traditional games, however, can’t be overlooked. First of all, game data are private.

It is universally accepted that game data of traditional games are all recorded in the centralized servers. Due to too centralized, private, and opaque game data, it inevitably forms data monopoly. Game players have unequal right to be informed for game data. Obviously, this is unfair to game players, especially for games in relation to probability skills. For example, almost all games have the lottery process. Virtual assets of players can’t be guaranteed in traditional games. In this sense, virtual assets may return to zero at any time. For some reason, game operators generally will shut down games with the poor market performance, for the sake of realizing strategic planning and corporate development. Due to shutdown of game products, players not only can’t enjoy the joy of a game, but also spend lots of time, energy, and time gaining virtual assets which may be in vain. Moreover, the game account system in unsafe. The event of stealing accounts happens occasionally. Once accounts are stolen, it is also hard to take back virtual assets. On the other hand, it is also hard to get realization from virtual assets in traditional games. Limited by policies, laws, and regulations, the state controls games strictly in current days. Therefore, each game plant does not supply such a similar realization function and channel with a tacit understanding. Under the overall situation, players have to face the awkward situation of “exit without entry”. Low realization efficiency and security of private transactions should be further discussed.

In recent years, with a great leap of blockchains and digital currencies, this brings a new opportunity for the reform of traditional games. Blockchains’ decentralization, untamability, and token mechanism are naturally consistent with games, so it is a best choice to destroy shackles.

Based on it, to cater to the era development, create myth of treasure, and create the No.1 game brand on the chain, Peashooter emerged at the right moment.

Peashooter is a DAPP consensus game based on the wave field by using core features of “decentralization, untamability, asset on-chain, and community autonomy”. It has gotten the ecological support of the wave field. Through the blockchain technology, community autonomization, and token mechanism, Peashooter creates a professional, safe, fair, and transparent game environment and provides a common joyful experience for 1 billion global players. Closely followed the development trend of today’s digital economy, it organically integrates with global community entertainment, money management, entrepreneurship, and consumption to create a money management game without losers, deeply satisfying spiritual demands and material needs of players.

To make ecosystem of Peashooter operate perfectly, the Peashooter team issues peas to award users who play games. All users can participate in game mining. Constant publication of peas in the world has been 200 million at the offering price of 0.1 US dollar per pea. They will be issued as long as users win a prize in the lottery. And these peas will not be increased forever.

Peashooter has no losers and overturns traditional playing methods. Users can earn money if they fail in mining. As long as attend the game, all users can gain profits. Moreover, earnings will exceed the original investment amount.

Users will gain peas by mining successfully. After gaining peas by mining, they will go to the mine pool to enjoy value-added benefits brought by the coin price. If not, deposit of mining will be returned in full, in addition to extra awards. It is free to trade by go in and out at any time. Furthermore, users can participate in the game and get team awards by recommending others. The more people are recommended, the more awards will be gained. In this way, your treasure will be sharply rising every day and rank the top around the world. If the coin-holding address is greater than a certain quantity, users can attend dividends of the global market. The most excited matter ought to be the tail gaming. Throwing out a minnow to catch a whole, it will run a lottery if there are no participants within 60min. The last 10 participants will win a prize, like a heaven-sent fortune to swell your wallet instantly.

It is very simple and straightforward if users want to attend the game. They only need a wallet key for registration. It dispenses with telephone, email, and real name authentication. Users can easily take a part in it through six steps. Step 1: purchase the contract grade; step 2: pay the ticket 0.1US dollar; step 3: match with a player; step 4: start mining; step 5: disclose the result; step 6: take a rest or play again.

In the DAPP of Peashooter, all assets of users are stored in blockchains while private keys are properly kept by users to protect safety of users’ digital assets to capacity. Openness of the smart contract address, output and flow of each pea are clearly detectable to realize absolute publication and transparency. Players can mine with global players in multiple countries and areas, instead of being constrained by any foreign exchange supervision, so as to realize freedom of global treasure and safe flow. It perfectly solves the problem that virtual assets of virtual games can’t be guaranteed and it is hard to get realization.

Black holes will be destroyed every minute. Beyond that, there are coin dividends and tail gaming. The untamable deflation mechanism of blockchains, hunger marketing of the market consensus, and super-strong consensus become the solid foundation for PEA value support. The logic open-source of Peashooter and motivation of token economy can promote regenerative reproduction and virus fission of communities. Each player is an ecological constructor, benefit sharer, and value promoter. Under the virtuous cycle, ecology of Peashooter will be gradually expanded. With the iteration and upgrading of Peashooter, application scenes are constantly enriched and expanded. The value of peas also will be stably growing with the expansion of ecology.

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