Paywatch Launches Campaign Simplifying the Debt Recovery Process

The team behind believes in keeping the debt recovery process as transparent and uncomplicated as possible and now offer simplified solutions for business owners

With increasing unemployment rates arising from difficult business conditions throughout Australia, there has been an increase in the demand for Debt collection services. With the industry now worth more than $1 billion annually, more debt collection services are emerging, offering solutions for businesses struggling to stay afloat due to limited capital.

With many debt collection services being either ineffective or charging hefty commissions, the need for a reliable, transparent and uncomplicated process has never been greater which is exactly what is offered by the Paywatch solution.

"At Paywatch, our goal is to keep the entire Debt recovery process as transparent and uncomplicated as possible for our clients," stated company representative Bruce Havilah. "Getting started with Paywatch does not involve any associated cost. The only time our clients pay us is when we take positive action and send out legal demand letters on their behalf."

Unfortunately, a large number of Debt recovery services either charge clients large upfront fees or take a large chunk of the payment recovered. This doesn't help a struggling business manage its cash flow. With Paywatch there are features and benefits offered by the process that is quite unique in the industry. For example, we offer clients commission free recovery, regular email alerts, secure 24 access to all their information and progress, services throughout the country and legal demand or even legal action that get results.

"When you hire our debt recovery team, our goal is to help and put you in the driver's seat to recover the money you are owed," continued Havilah. "Our unique debt recovery process allows you to manage your outstanding accounts and receive recommendations from us about what steps to take next. However, unlike other solutions, the final decision of when to act and how far to go chasing a debt is always in your hands."

Additional information about the debt recovery services offered by Paywatch is available at the website.


The goal of the debt collection services using Paywatch, an Australian owned debt recovery solution, is to put clients in the driver's seat when it comes to collecting payments they are due. The entire process offered within the Paywatch solution is transparent and user-friendly. There are no complicated forms or processes to follow, no need to pay anything upfront, and clients receive ongoing reports regarding the progress that has been made. Compare to the competition, Paywatch has designed a system that puts clients first and ensures their needs are met while giving the best chance of recovering the funds they are due. It is simple to get started with Paywatch and potential clients can use an online form to sign up.

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