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With the help of the new site, users find it easier to create a paycheck stub that meets their needs and fulfills all legal requirements, reports

According to the American Payroll Association's 2016 Trendline Survey, 82 million Americans have had one or more problems with their paycheck at some point in their careers. These errors come in the form of incorrect payments, late payments, over-payments, and non-payments. In some cases, human error is at fault. In fact, the survey found that only 40 percent of the association's members had fully automated payroll systems. can be of help with this and is proud to announce the company's new site is up and running.

"Twenty-six percent of hourly workers responding to this survey stated they had been underpaid at some point. Only six percent said they had been overpaid. This may be due to a simple error where a calculation has been made incorrectly. Our paystub generator helps to reduce the risk of this happening, as the calculations are handled automatically by the system," Jonas Williams, spokesperson for, explains.

The problem isn't limited to hourly workers either. Fifteen percent of salaried workers state they have been underpaid. Freelancers or gig workers have it even harder. Twenty percent state they haven't been paid in a timely manner at least once during their career. Twenty percent also stated they have been paid too little at some point.

"Sadly, a paycheck that is not delivered in a timely manner can lead to financial issues for the worker. Fifty-six million Americans say they have paid one or more bills late as a result of a mistake in their paycheck. With 87 million workers and their families living paycheck-to-paycheck today, this is concerning. Fortunately, the pay stub generator makes it easy for employers to calculate pay and deliver it in a timely manner," Williams continues.

This doesn't even take into account the problems employees have when it comes to reading their paycheck stubs. Forty-two percent of workers stated in the survey they found it difficult to read and understand the deductions from their pay. This often is the result of a paycheck stub that is lacking in information or one that lumps the deductions into one sum. The check stub maker resolves this problem by offering more than one template, allowing employers to select the one that best meets their needs and those of their employees.

"We offer a platform that creates stubs smoother than any other. All you need to do is choose a template, fill in the information and we will calculate the rest for you, allowing you to download and print in minutes," Williams declares.

About is bringing intelligent online solutions to individuals and business users. Generating paycheck stubs has never been easier or more convenient. Built by the brightest accountants, is adamant to provide a hassle-free experience with accurate calculations. Customer support is available 24/7 through live chat or email. Finally, an easy eco-friendly hassle-free pay stub creating experience. To learn more, visit

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