Launches Site Aimed at Small Firms and Independent Contractor

Site allows firms and individuals to create legal paycheck stubs for use in a number of circumstances, reports

The growth of independent contractors in the workplace is a phenomenon here-to-fore not seen, as workers are leaving the brick and mortar's traditional restraints in force. According to statistics released by the American Staffing Association, the number of contractors in the US has risen to 9.8 million as of 2010, with new numbers expected to increase significantly. An independent contractor, by definition, is someone who does not draw the benefits like that of a full-time employee but works on a contract basis and files a 1099-MISC with the IRS.

While hardly a benefit, one missing component for most contractors is a paycheck stub. This piece of vital paperwork contains data regarding the contractor's work and payments. It is a salary slip that reveals information regarding payment provided to an employee from an employer. Martin Bingham, spokesperson for, explains this document is important for a number of reasons. "Contract employees need a paycheck stub for many reasons, be it applying for a loan, a mortgage or trying to rent an apartment. But when they're contract employees, all they can show interested parties is their checking account deposits."

With this in mind, ( has created an easy to use online software where companies or individuals create their own paycheck stubs. Says Bingham, "Using the expertise of our accountants, we created this tool to help our clients who own small businesses generate check stubs for their own employees without having to purchase expensive and complicated software."

The success of the site ( has been amazing, reports Bingham. "We have had a massive amount of users who use the service without even being our clients. For that reason, we've made it available to the general public." The site allows users to enter their information, preview and download the stub instantly. "Really, it's very straightforward. We provide free corrections, calculations provided by professionals, secure information storage, automatic calculation of all totals, instant download and a quick customer service response time."

Bingham goes on to say, "Our stubs are legal for use because they present accurate information and numbers as long as the information provided is accurate." He does note, however, that to use stubs as legal documents, sometimes they have to be certified or signed by the company depicted on the stub.


Built by an American professional accounting firm, the software offers clients the ability to create their own paycheck stubs. The stub generation tool is used to provide proof of income or to provide a paystub to employees by small business owners.

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