PayME launches fast e-file service for small businesses to make payroll tax time a lot less scary

October is the month companies must file their Q3 payroll Form 941 to the IRS. To reduce its painful bite, PayME has developed an industry-first online e-filing solution that eliminates many drawbacks of competing sites in the marketplace today.

The novel service is a game and industry-changer as the first solution to allow small businesses (or their advisors) to e-file payroll taxes without requiring them to sign in, enter a contract, download specialty software, or submit their 10-digit IRS issued pin when filing.

When people think about October, they usually think about the barrage of beasts, ghouls, ghosts, and witches that invade city streets and delight passersby with colorful promises of delicious tricks and treats. But for small business owners, the month can be more macabre than merry thanks to complex and time-consuming payroll-tax forms (such as Form 941) that need to be filed by Halloween for their Q3 payrolls.

Thankfully, PayME’s newly launched e-file service aims to put their fears to (eternal) rest by giving business owners a completely novel, industry-first solution that makes e-filing easier than ever. Say boo to filing by pen and paper! PayME’s online wizard walks users through the entire process, automatically calculates the tax due, and adds checks to prevent many avoidable errors.

Unlike competing services, PayME's users are not required to set up a username or password or endure the monster nightmare of having to download and configure e-filing software often designed to trap users with their product. While these customer experience enhancements are novel in themselves, PayME’s most unique feature is more amazing still: users do NOT need to obtain their own IRS-issued 10-digit PIN to e-file. This is a KEY innovation and helps make PayME’s process so easy. Users can e-file immediately, effectively eliminating the excruciating wait to receive a PIN from the IRS by snail mail.

And now that the 2019 Q3 filing window for Form 941: Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return is officially open, there is no better time to try this easy, accurate, and secure service that guarantees IRS acknowledgment within 48 hours. Click here to begin.

The ground-breaking solution has been brought to small business owners everywhere thanks to Ivan Silva and Damian Karjane, the entrepreneurial minds who not only recently founded PayME, but who also used their collective skills and the latest encryption technology to digitally simplify this once overly-complicated process so users can focus on their businesses, rather than their taxes.

Click here to see the full-service catalog and to learn how PayME fulfills its promise of “Payroll-filing Made Easy”.

About PayME

PayME, LLC is a U.S.-based online tax website founded in 2018 to help small businesses digitally file (or “e-file”) their payroll tax returns, with special emphasis on Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, and Form 940: Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return. PayME is a registered site of Tax Me LLC, an authorized IRS e-file provider, Electronic Return Originator (ERO), Software Developer and a Transmitter. To learn more about PayME’s services or to contact an employment tax expert, please visit the company website.

About Ivan Silva

Ivan Silva is a software developer, accounting entrepreneur, and co-founder of the online payroll service PayME. A Queens College (NY) graduate, he has over 20 years of experience in tax law and accounting, specializing in payroll services, data engineering and process automation.

About Damian Karjane

Damian Karjane is a Virginia-based tax attorney and co-founder of the online payroll service PayME. Also licensed in New York and Massachusetts, he has earned multiple degrees and diplomas from academic institutions such as Lafayette College, Rutgers - Camden Law School, Boston University School of Law, and the University of Limerick in Ireland.

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